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What Your Organization Needs to Know About the Oracle Autonomous Health Framework

The Oracle Autonomous Health Framework provides system and database administrators with a powerful tool for keeping Oracle clusters and databases operating properly.

Chad Cleveland | December 11, 2019

Database Administration: Oracle’s Exceptional Journey

From the original Oracle database administration product to today’s powerful Oracle 19c, the software giant has continued to lead the way.

Chuck Farman | December 3, 2019

Upgrade Your Grid Infrastructure to Oracle 19c

Oracle expert Chad Cleveland helps a customer upgrade its grid infrastructure to Oracle 19c.

Chad Cleveland | November 25, 2019

Changes to Oracle’s Professional Database Certification

Here’s all you need to know about the recent changes to Oracle’s Professional Database Certification so you can update as soon as possible.

Steve Thompson | November 21, 2019

Let’s Compare: Oracle vs. PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is an open-sourced database, Oracle is a closed database system. Our new blog takes on deeper insights into the key differences and similarities.

Mohammed Siddiqui | November 13, 2019
Man having fun with Oracle Standby Databases

FUN with Oracle Standby Databases!

Chad Cleveland shows readers how to migrate a 1.2TB database from an on-site data center to a hosted Colo facility.

Chad Cleveland | November 5, 2019

Switchover or Failover: Dual Databases at Work

To ensure the functionality of both a primary and backup database, companies need to know how to move from one to the other in the case of switchover and failover.

Glenna Coultas | September 12, 2019

OEM Database Preferred Credentials

Credentials are an essential part of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) security, database expert Chad Cleveland makes it simple in this latest blog post.

Chad Cleveland | July 23, 2019

Sqlplus Shortcut Script

Oracle DBA expert Zane shares a sqlplus shortcut script in his latest blog post.

Zane Warton | June 25, 2019
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