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How Oracle Apex Can Transform Your Enterprise App Development Cycle

Oracle APEX is a powerful and user-friendly low code platform that allows your organization to make enterprise applications quickly. New blog details its features.

Rakesh Nagdev | July 2, 2020

Why Organizations are Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Oracle is a gold standard in enterprise database technology, but an increasing number of companies are making the switch to the open source PostgreSQL.

Chandra Pathivada | June 23, 2020

Cloud Migration: Get in Front of Your Options

Most companies are moving toward the cloud. There are many cloud offerings available and companies need to be methodical in their move to the cloud.

Cindy Putnam | June 16, 2020

Secure External Password Store for RMAN Backup

New blog walks you through an example use case of a database administrator trying to encrypt catalog credentials using SEPS for RMAN backup.

Anuj Pandey | April 30, 2020

Oracle 19c Solves Emerging Trends Tests

Your data is what sets you apart from the competition. Find out how Oracle19c is keeping up with business trends in this new blog post.

Vijay Muthu | March 11, 2020

Oracle 19c Manages Emerging Data Types

The launch of Oracle Database 19c, helps companies make sense of both the vast quantity of the data it collects every day, and the complexity of that information.

Vijay Muthu | March 4, 2020

Oracle 19c: Data Security for 2020

Oracle designed its newly released Oracle 19c database management system to proactively avoid cyber threats.

Vijay Muthu | February 27, 2020

Oracle Monitoring with AWS CloudWatch and Oracle OEM

Oracle expert Cindy Putnam gives suggestions on how to use OEM and CloudWatch to monitor your Oracle databases on AWS RDS.

Cindy Putnam | February 4, 2020

Predicting the Unknown Part 2: Maximizing Future Opportunities

Oracle has made it its business to look ahead for its customers in order maximize future opportunities. Oracle Database 19c is just one example as as future trend.

Chuck Farman | January 23, 2020
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