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Streamline Your SQL Server 2012 Cloud Migration: Leveraging Azure Virtual Machine

Author: JP Chen | | August 17, 2023


Migrating from on-premises SQL Server 2012 to a cloud-based solution offers numerous benefits, including extended support and cost savings. This blog post will explore the advantages of shifting your SQL Server 2012 instances to Azure Virtual Machine (VM), highlighting the offer of three years of Extended Security Updates (ESUs) and the cost-saving opportunities through Azure Hybrid Use Benefits.

Extended Security Updates with a SQL Server 2012 Azure Migration

Microsoft provides an attractive offer for organizations seeking to migrate their SQL Server 2012 databases to Azure VM. By lifting and shifting your databases to the cloud, you can receive three years of ESUs for free, ensuring continued security updates until July 8, 2025. This offer provides you with ample time to plan and execute your migration strategy without compromising security.

Of course, if you’re ready to upgrade to a newer version of SQL Server, you have a few potential pathways. You can plan the upgrade process alongside your SQL Server 2012 cloud migration or upgrade before you migrate, wait until you’re set up in Azure to move forward, or go directly to a new version in Azure VM.

Cost Savings with Azure Hybrid Use Benefits

One of the key advantages of migrating to Azure VM is the potential for cost savings through Azure Hybrid Use Benefits. If you already own SQL Server licenses and have an active Software Assurance or Server Subscription, you can take advantage of this program. By doing so, you only need to pay for the compute resources on Azure, significantly reducing licensing costs.

With Software Assurance, you can leverage the Azure Hybrid Benefit to benefit from reduced base rates for various SQL Server-related services. These services include:

  • Azure SQL Managed Instance vCore-based options: By utilizing Azure Hybrid Benefit, you can access Azure SQL Managed Instance at a reduced cost, maximizing the value of your existing licenses.
  • SQL Server in Azure VMs: Migrating your SQL Server 2012 instances to Azure VM allows you to take advantage of the Azure Hybrid Benefit, ensuring lower costs for running SQL Server workloads in the cloud.
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS): If you rely on SSIS for data integration and transformation, Azure Hybrid Benefit enables you to save costs while leveraging the power of the cloud.

Embrace the Power of Azure and Existing SQL Server 2012 Licenses

By migrating your SQL Server 2012 workloads to Azure VM, you gain additional time to make informed decisions about the future of your databases. The offer of three years of free ESUs, combined with the cost-saving opportunities of Azure Hybrid Use Benefits, allows you to leverage your existing licenses and Azure’s capabilities effectively.

Seize the opportunity to streamline your migration process, extend the life of your SQL Server 2012 workloads, and take advantage of the flexibility and scalability offered by Azure. Get our guide “4 Ways to Deal with SQL Server 2012 End of Extended Support” to learn about more options for your end of life strategy.


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