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IT Solutions for State and Local Government

Datavail helps governments optimize operations and leverage technology to bring services to citizens, visitors, and businesses in smart, connected ways. Through automation, modern applications, and data intelligence, we have the power to change the way we live.

With Datavail you can…

Align IT systems, applications, and user workflows to organizational priorities.
Empower web and mobile users – both employees and citizens looking for enhanced service levels.
Safeguard your data with higher levels of security, compliance, and fiscal accountability.
Take full advantage of the flexibility of the cloud to break down data silos and take advantage of emerging technologies such as AI.

Serving Citizens in New Ways is More Important than Ever

The pandemic changed the way we work, communicate, and interact in major ways. Governments need to be nimble and embrace emerging technology to serve and communicate with constituents.

You Need a Partner Who Will Help You Stay Connected

It’s important to have a partner that understands data management and emerging technologies when navigating the smart government movement. From your infrastructure to your applications to your long-term decisions about SaaS, infrastructure cloud, and hybrid cloud services, you can rely on Datavail’s team to take a strategic and compliance-focused approach to your systems.

Datavail delivers a wide range of capabilities to fit the unique needs of each organization we work with.

Application Implementation and Management

Tailoring packaged ERP solutions to help with financials, procurement, tax & revenue management, customer & stakeholder portals, and full system integration.

Cloud Enablement

Getting your organization off your expensive infrastructure and into the cloud so your teams can work together seamlessly and your constituents can access the services they need when and where they want them.

Database & Application Management and Monitoring

Keeping your critical citizen service systems online and functioning at peak performance 24×7.

Application Development

Building custom applications and web portals that meet the specific needs of your citizens, local buisnesses and visitors.

Advanced Analytics

Leveraging innovative tools that can aggregate data from financial applications, citizen portals, buisness networks, traffic systems, and more so you can build a comprehensive view of your city and deliver valuable insights.

Data Warehousing & ETL

Creating a single source of truth that connects data from sources across your departments so you can deliver reliable analytics and access real-time data.

Our Customers’ Success Can Be Your Success Too

We can spend all day telling you about the decades of experience we bring to the table, but it’s the results we deliver to our public sector clients that really matter. Datavail helps reimagine constituent interactions, automate back-office operations, and reduce IT spending.

Learn essential aspects to be taken into consideration for your cloud transformation journey in our presentation: Disruption & Digital Transformation – Higher Education and Public Sector.

A Public Sector organization with jurisdiction over a population of five million needed support from Datavail’s experienced team to build their Oracle BI operations, data analysis, and internal communications infrastructure.

A city government client reached out to Datavail to request a collaboration solution built on top of Office 365. Its current solution did not meet the governance requirements.

A local government needed a way to streamline the process of running customized reports and additional report types outside of what its project management solution offered.

Contact An Industry Expert

Datavail has strong partnerships with technology leaders like Oracle, AWS and Microsoft. We have helped governments of all sizes build citizen-centric portals, tailor packaged ERP solutions, and take advantage of the cloud to help deliver the services of the future.

We can help with:

  • Transportation
  • Economic Development
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Infrastructure
  • Job Creation
  • Urbanization
  • Governance & Security
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Conflict & Fragility
  • Global Climate Change
  • Sanitation
Contact us today to see how you can build a smarter city with us.

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