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What’s Coming this Fall in Essbase 19c

At Kscope 2019, Oracle announced the upcoming release of Essbase 19c. The estimated release date isn’t far off – read about what’s coming in this blog post.

Kurt Mayer | October 18, 2019

Datavail’s Service Delivery Management Process

The role of a service delivery team is to provide a critical link between the external customer environment and the internal operations of the organization.

Shiv Devrajan | September 11, 2019

Kscope Recap: Big Changes to Oracle EPM Cloud

At Kscope 2019, Oracle declared some changes to Oracle EPM. This article will discuss how Oracle EPM will be different moving forward and what it could mean for you.

Dave Shay | September 3, 2019

What Makes Datavail’s Service Delivery Model Unique?

A well-designed service delivery model is crucial in IT operations and management. What makes ours robust and unique?

Shiv Devrajan | August 26, 2019

Kscope Recap: Big Changes with Essbase 19c

There were a lot of changes to the Oracle Analytics product suite announced at Kscope19 this year. This post talks about what’s new in Essbase 19c.

Kurt Mayer | August 20, 2019

The Future of Deep Learning for Your Business

Deep learning is already being used in many different ways and its future growth holds many exciting possibilities for businesses. Find out why.

Tom Hoblitzell | August 6, 2019

Why Developers are Ditching Hadoop for Kubernetes

What’s behind the recent move to Kubernetes and where is the big data landscape going in the future?

Tom Hoblitzell | July 31, 2019

Informatica Performance Tuning: Work as Hard as You Play

Getting from raw data to usable datasets is a non-trivial exercise, even with a powerful tool like Informatica at your disposal.

Gajanan Gaidhane | July 25, 2019

jmap: Optimizing the Memory Footprints of Your Java Processes

How can it be used as part of performance tuning for applications like Informatica?

Gajanan Gaidhane | July 17, 2019
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