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The Top 5 Challenges of Oracle EBS

Read about the top 5 challenges our customers face with Oracle EBS, and how to solve them.

John Kaufling | February 1, 2018

Top 2017 Developments in Oracle EBS

From software patches and upgrades to updates to documentation, there was a lot going on in Oracle EBS this year. The seven items below will give you just a brief taste of what you missed.

John Kaufling | January 3, 2018
EBS, GoldenGate, Oracle

Oracle GoldenGate: The Challenges of Maintaining Zero Downtime During Upgrades

Getting to zero downtime is challenging when it comes to upgrades and migrations. GoldenGate can help maximize uptime.

Ravish Naik | November 16, 2017
ebs, oracle goldengate

How Problems with Oracle GoldenGate are Harming Your Business

Oracle GoldenGate is a part of many organizations’ workflow real-time information for business needs. Here’s a list of challenges and how to resolve them.

Ravish Naik | November 1, 2017

Cloud First: Oracle Makes Application Development More Agile

With its new cloud database service, in combination with its IaaS and SaaS, Oracle believes it has what it takes to become the leading cloud service provider.

Patrick Gates | May 31, 2017
oracle cloud

A New Cloud for SMEs

The new Oracle Cloud has enabled SMEs to solve business challenges and allowed them to leverage the same best-in-class features as enterprises.

Patrick Gates | May 15, 2017
database upgrade

Oracle 12c and Multi-Tenant Architecture — is It Worth It?

At the time of migrating my database to Oracle 12c, should I move to the new pluggable architecture based on container and pluggable databases?

Megan Elphingstone | May 4, 2017
oracle upgrade

Oracle 12.1 and High Availability — How is It Achieved?

This blog post discusses the features in Oracle 12.1 that help achieve an organization’s goal of maximizing application availability.

Megan Elphingstone | April 20, 2017

12c Upgrade Bug with SQL Tuning Advisor

This blog post outlines steps to take on Oracle upgrade 11.2 to 12.1 if you’re having performance problems. Oracle offers a patch and work around to BUG 20540751.

Megan Elphingstone | March 22, 2017
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