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Get Your Data Ready for 2022 With Our Top Data and Application Trends!

As the festive season approaches, we thought it would be helpful to gather our top resources that look ahead to the trends we see impacting organizations the most in 2022. So, pour yourself some hot cocoa and learn about how you can improve your Analytics, Applications and Databases with us!

We’ve rounded up our top 3 trends for your reading pleasure. And, below you will find further resources to keep you trending all holiday long.

Trend 1: Use Analytics to Drive Better Decisions with Actionable Insights

Today’s organizations have more data than ever, and those that use it properly are reaping the benefits. Data-driven companies have an easier time acquiring and retaining customers, identifying opportunities, reducing operating expenses, and improving in many other areas. And this is why it lands as our #1 trend to look at as you head into 2022.

Trend 2: Use Containers to Modernize Legacy Applications

The growing demand for cloud computing indicates its significance for future corporate growth and development while also indicating that embracing the cloud should be top-priority for all business leaders. Container technology has emerged as one of the most compelling cloud computing tools for achieving success. And this is why it lands at #2 on our list.

Trend 3: Low-Code/No-Code: Is it the Panacea of Modern AppDev?

The low-code/no-code promise has brought an entirely new perspective to the build vs. buy debate, making the possibility of building applications much more accessible to companies without robust development teams or budgets. But, is it truly the panacea of modern automated coding or does it come with limitations? Find out in our #3 trend to explore in 2022!

Going Beyond “Lift and Shift” - Getting the Most Out of the Cloud

Join top cloud experts as they address the different methodologies of cloud migration, and describe how you can migrate to the cloud in a way that not only minimizes your costs but also provides you new capabilities and other benefits.

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