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Don’t Execute a Db2 Version 12 Upgrade Before Reading This

Datavail White Paper

Database management systems (DBMS) typically have an 18- to 24-month cycle for major releases, with plenty of bug fixes, security patches, and maintenance updates released in between. Keeping up with these constant updates can be difficult, especially for organizations running leaner database administration teams.

Not too long after installing Db2, your organization must make a decision on upgrading to the latest version of this DBMS. Choosing when to update and the method you use varies based on the features in the latest version, your available technical resources, your organization’s risk tolerance, and other factors.

In this white paper, we’ll walk you through all the Db2 upgrade considerations to help you make the right choice that includes:

  • What’s the difference between a Db2 Version and Db2 Release?
  • Db2 Version 12 overview
  • Db2 environment complexity
  • Development of your Db2 upgrade plan
  • Benefits of upgrading to a new Db2 Release
  • Risks of upgrading to a new Db2 Release
  • Can you skip a Db2 release?
  • Db2 End-of-life
  • How to pull off a Db2 Version 12 upgrade

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