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Use Analytics to Drive Better Decisions with Actionable Insights

Datavail White Paper

According to Tech Jury, global data reached 44 zettabytes in 2020.

Today’s organizations have more data than ever, and those that use it properly are reaping the benefits. Data-driven companies have an easier time acquiring and retaining customers, identifying opportunities, reducing operating expenses, and improving in many other areas.

By leveraging powerful machine learning, proprietary predictive algorithms, and statistical modeling, you can generate tangible business value through data-driven insights.

In our first white paper in this series on defining an actionable business intelligence and analytics plan, “Build a Business Foundation on Trusted Data,” we covered the four pillars of a robust data foundation. In the second white paper, “From Raw Data to Insightful Stories: Transform Analytics into Innovation,” we discussed how to transform your data, so it’s suitable for business forecasting and planning. This white paper covers the third and final step – using analytics to drive better decisions with actionable insights.

The goal of this step is to become more mature in BI and analytics, focusing on fostering business innovation and people productivity. You’ll learn how to leverage your data as a strategic asset with what you can do, allowing you to create strategic agility and differentiation as you grow.

Download our paper to learn more about:

  • What is the Foundation of Data Science and the 4 Primary Types of Analytics Solutions? – These are used to gain access to actionable insights which are waiting in your data.
  • How Machine Learning (ML) Technologies Offer Smarter Insights – Understanding the role of machine learning and artificial intelligence with analytics systems is an essential facet of getting the best actionable insights. Some concepts that are helpful to know with this technology are explained.
  • How Social Media Analytics Uncovers Important Structured Data – Unstructured data is another valuable addition to a data-driven decision-making toolkit. Social media analytics takes unstructured data that includes posts, pictures, comments, and other content and generates insights with the help of two technologies, which are detailed.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) Expands Your Data Source Possibilities – The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to get data from countless devices and controls that were previously inaccessible to analytics solutions. This interconnected device intelligence can empower organizations with real-time data for your visualizations, analytics tools, and alerts. Real-life examples are provided.
  • How Big Data Analytics Brings It All Together – Once there’s enough data, an organization needs to move to Big Data solutions, as well as an analytics approach that can support business intelligence operations at large volumes.
  • How Datavail Helps You Implement Your Actionable Analytics Plan – Actionable insights generated by powerful analytics and business intelligence solutions are a must for succeeding in today’s business world.

Datavail is here to help you with all aspects of your analytics plan. We provide support at every stage of your business intelligence lifecycle, and you can get as little or as much assistance as you need, including providing services for assessing, road mapping, implementing, upgrading and supporting and managing your analytics environment.

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