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Low-Code/No-Code: Is it the Panacea of Modern AppDev?

Datavail White Paper

Low-code/no-code platforms claim they can offer faster application development, greater agility, and simpler development tools that even non-developers – aka “citizen developers” – can use to build and deploy business applications. It has brought an entirely new perspective to the build versus buy debate, making the possibility of building applications much more accessible to companies without robust development teams or budgets.

But can low-code/no-code deliver on its promises? Can organizations expect to receive the same applications with the same features and benefits they would receive in a custom build, but faster and cheaper through these platforms? Is it truly the panacea of modern automated coding or does it come with limitations? And most importantly, what is the true role low-code/no-code can play in the budget and datasphere of modern organizations?

In this white paper, we’ll answer these questions and more. We’ll discuss:

  • The evolution and the promise of automated coding
  • Review the difference between no-code, low-code, and custom applications
  • The pros and cons of low-code/no-code
  • A matrix of the use cases and budget justifications for investing in low-code/no-code or custom-built applications so you can make strategic decisions that fit the specific goals, objectives, and requirements of your business.


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