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Author: Dave Shay
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Hyperion and SQL Server: Syncing Versions

Companies running Hyperion applications with SQL Server must decide which version of the software best meets their needs. Find out if your versions are compatible.

Dave Shay | May 24, 2018

Hyperion / Oracle EPM Release Observations

Did you know Oracle released a new version of Hyperion? Read about EPM – the pros and cons and what you need to be aware of.

Dave Shay | May 23, 2018

Why Upgrading Hyperion On-premises Is Harder Than You Think

Upgrading your Oracle Hyperion on-premises is a necessary but expensive and labor-intensive fix. Find out how much of your team’s time will go into upgrading.

Dave Shay | April 24, 2018
oracle epm, cloud

The Easy Button: Fixing Security Issues When Migrating EPBCS to Production

This blog post details how to migrate security assignments between Test and Production for one of Oracle’s EPM Cloud product offerings.

Dave Shay | September 12, 2017

Quiz: Which Instance is EPMAutomate Accessing?

This blog post details a quick solution to determine which EPM Cloud instance you are accessing along with a two-question quiz for practice.

Dave Shay | September 6, 2017
oracle, hyperion, on premises

Oracle’s Hyperion On-premises Support is Changing

Upgrade your Oracle’s Hyperion On-premises now in order to enjoy the full Premium Support of Oracle Hyperion tools in the future.

Dave Shay | August 29, 2017
EPM workspace

Easy Way to Change EPM Workspace Window Title

Dave Shay is often asked for ways to help discriminate between Production and lower environments by changing the EPM Workspace look. He’ll show you the easy way.

Dave Shay | August 23, 2017

How to Find a Hyperion Administrator

Finding a qualified Hyperion administrator is an emergency matter for many organizations. It doesn’t have to be. How to get the Hyperion talent without hiring.

Dave Shay | August 8, 2017

Easy Fixes to Hyperion Issues: Internet Explorer Version

With the introduction of IE11, Microsoft ended support for previous versions, which is a problem if you haven’t upgraded their EPM or Hyperion software.

Dave Shay | June 2, 2017

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