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Easy Fixes to Hyperion Issues: Internet Explorer Version

Author: Dave Shay | | June 2, 2017

It’s been a little over a year since Microsoft ended support for versions of Internet Explorer (IE) prior to IE11. Users of Hyperion software, which is part of Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system, are finding they need to upgrade to the latest version to avoid conflicts with IE11.

Microsoft Ends Support for Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft ended support for their browser, Internet Explorer (IE) for versions prior to IE11. That doesn’t mean you must upgrade the version of IE you’re using. But it does mean support for prior versions has ended.

Here’s what you lose with the end of support:

  • The end of paid support from Microsoft for earlier versions
  • The end of free support from Microsoft for earlier versions
  • No more security updates or patches for versions prior to IE11
  • No more updates period to versions prior to IE11
  • The end of online technical updates regarding previous versions

The fact that Microsoft ended even online technical updates confirms that you can no longer expect any support from the Microsoft Corporation if you are not IE11+.

Unfortunately, this means the vast majority of Hyperion installations are not compliant with IE11. Microsoft has issued warnings for more than a year in advance, but many people have put it off and tried to get by with patches.

Using Patches to Manage Hyperion with Older Versions of Internet Explorer

You could run the latest version of EPM with IE9 or IE10. With IE11, however, your Hyperion system must be or to fully support IE11. You can run IE 11 in Enterprise Mode with some specific older releases of Hyperion, but there are caveats. Generally speaking, if you upgrade to IE11, you have to upgrade Hyperion.

If you have not yet upgraded your environment, you’ll have to do some workarounds. Some things will work, some things won’t. Sometimes you can use Firefox, or keep an old browser out there. You can use Citrix to get in — things like that. There are ways you work around it but it’s usually painful.

The EPM/IE Matrix

You can run older versions of Hyperion with older versions of Internet Explorer without major conflicts. See the chart, below, for determining the compatibility of your EPM software and versions of Internet Explorer.

Oracle Smart View Replaces Essbase Excel Add-In

Oracle EPM users who have the Essbase Excel Add-in are not going to be able to use it with versions of Microsoft Office after 2013. Oracle does not have a backward patch available. You’ll need to upgrade to Oracle Smart View if you are running Office 2013 or 2016.  If you use Office 365, Oracle SmartView only works with the on-premises version (which is Office 2016).

Among the improvements that Oracle cites for upgrading to Smart View is that the “Sheet Information dialog box in Excel now presents consistent information across Oracle Essbase, Oracle Hyperion Planning, and Oracle Hyperion Financial Management providers, including connection status and other information.” Oracle also cites enhanced POV and Submit Data capabilities with Smart View.

Help is Available for Upgrading Hyperion EPM

Many IT departments have already upgraded their Internet Explorer and Hyperion and they are enjoying the benefits. It’s not difficult as long as it is an upgrade from the previous version. Where a lot of organizations have trouble is making a major upgrade of both Internet Explorer and Hyperion at the same time. Oracle recommends interim Hyperion upgrades in order to migrate everything to the new software, but Datavail knows the tricks to upgrade your Hyperion system from whatever release you’re using directly to the latest release.

If you have questions about operating Hyperion with IE, or need help with your upgrade, Datavail can help. Our Upgrade & Migration practice has developed a powerful framework to help speed delivery, reduce risk and generate returns from Hyperion upgrade initiatives. Whether your organization is looking to upgrade to the latest release or perform a brand-new installation, Datavail has the hands-on experience to do the job efficiently and effectively.

Datavail is a specialized IT services company focused on Data Management with solutions in BI/DW, analytics, database administration, custom application development, and enterprise applications. We provide both professional and managed services delivered via our global delivery model, focused on Microsoft, Oracle and other leading technologies.

For additional resources please download our white paper: Simple and Smooth Oracle EPM Cloud Data Integration

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