Quiz: Which Instance is EPMAutomate Accessing?

By | In Blog, Oracle | September 06th, 2017

The automation utility Oracle provides for their EPM Cloud solutions, “EPMAutomate,” does not tell you which EPM Cloud instance you are accessing. It doesn’t say if you’re hitting Production vs. Test, or even which instance you’re accessing.

For architects like me, this can be a problem – and I have a solution. But first, a quiz! Let’s see if you can figure out which Oracle instance is involved in two examples:

Question #1:

EPMAutomate for Oracle Cloud is a powerful tool, but if you are working on multiple implementations, it does not prompt you to login after you’ve successfully logged in previously. Can you tell which Oracle Cloud instance I just bounced?

The answer is below the screenshot, but see if you can figure it out yourself first.

Answer #1:

Inspect the “.prefs” file. Stay safe out there!

Question #2:

Which customer’s Cloud environment did I just blow away?

Answer #2:

Examine the file named “.prefs” within the EPMAutomate /bin folder! I suggest a separate EPMAutomate folder for each instance (e.g. “a123456Prod” vs “a123456Test”)

And now for an easy, straightforward solution. If you use EPMAutomate interactively, add lines 13-16 from my screenshot below to your own copy of epmautomate.bat. This is a quick & dirty hack if you want visual confirmation that you’re hitting the Oracle Cloud instance you intended.

The solution I provided wouldn’t be advised for lights-out automation, but it is ideal for many other instances, for example, my current project migrating application content from a customer’s Test instance into their Production instance.

And there you have it! Did you get the questions right?

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