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Oracle’s Hyperion On-premises Support is Changing

Author: Dave Shay | | August 29, 2017

Oracle announced at KScope 2017 in San Antonio that it has extended support for a number of on-premises Hyperion tools. This is seen as a move geared towards giving the users reluctant to migrate to the cloud ample time to do so.

Oracle is set to release a new version in 2019, with support for available through May 2018. Premier support for the most recent releases has been extended through 2030.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss these two changes to Hyperion support.

1. Support for Hyperion On-premises has been extended through 2030 for the upcoming version 11.2 to be released in 2019.

Oracle carries out its lifetime support policy in three phases: Premier Support, Extended Support, and Sustaining Support. It recently announced that it will be extending its support for Hyperion on-premises with version 11.2, which will be released in 2019, with Premier Support available until 2030. Hyperion on-premises version 11.2 will maintain its look and feel but is said to have integrated new user requests.

You can obtain Premium Support for your licensed product by purchasing a Premium Support plan. You can also get an extended support plan that will run until 2020 for an additional fee. Sustaining support plan is available throughout the validity license period of the client’s Oracle product.

2. Full support for Hyperion will continue until May 2018

Oracle’s full support for Hyperion is set to expire in May 2018. This means that updates in the form of Patch Set Exceptions and support for certified third-party software will only be available till then. After that, the products will only be able to receive Sustaining Support for an indefinite period of time, which means that users will get troubleshooting and technical support on a best-effort basis.

For more information on Lifetime Support levels please see the Oracle Lifetime Support Policies page and this document. It looks like Oracle is trying its best to offer near-term parity enhancements to enable its users to upgrade to the cloud easily.

Why you need to upgrade Hyperion on-premises now

It is important that you upgrade Hyperion on-premises now in order to enjoy the full Premium Support of Oracle Hyperion tools in the future. You’ll get to enjoy the robust and up-to-date applications and updates, enabling your organization to meet and cope with the latest reporting challenges at the same time.

With an upgrade, you could enjoy the following benefits:

  • Major product and technology releases
  • Technical support
  • Access to My Oracle Support
  • Updates, fixes, security alerts, data fixes, and critical patch updates
  • Tax, legal and regulatory updates
  • Upgrade scripts
  • Certification with most new third-party products/versions
  • Certification with most new Oracle products

We do not recommend waiting until April 2018 to complete your upgrade. Based on our over 50 years of combined Hyperion experience, if you wait until April 2018 to upgrade Hyperion you may end up struggling to find the Hyperion consultants available to get the job done. Which means that in mid-2018 you may be without the support you need to keep Hyperion up and running.

You can also decide to upgrade from on-premises to the Oracle EPM Cloud, where you will always get support with constant automatic updated features without the need for lengthy patch installations.

Datavail offers upgrade and migration services developed with a powerful framework to help speed delivery, reduce risk, and generate returns from Hyperion upgrade initiatives.

Whether your organization is looking to upgrade to the latest release or perform a brand-new installation, Datavail, an Oracle Platinum Partner with 17 specializations, has the hands-on experience to do the job efficiently and effectively. Our focus is on effectively implementing and upgrading Oracle solutions to help organizations improve operations and drive growth.

If you would like more information about Oracle’s Hyperion On-premises support changes please contact Datavail today. Datavail is a company of over 1,000 professionals helping clients build and manage applications and data via a world-class tech-enabled delivery platform and software solutions across all leading technologies.

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