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Amazon Aurora

Provide an optimal user experience across your website by leveraging Datavail’s Amazon Aurora services, including database migration, tuning, and assessments.

What is Amazon Aurora?

Amazon Aurora is a fully managed MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible relationship database with the speed of a high-end commercial database and the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of an open-source database. This platform is built for the cloud and leverages Amazon RDS for its robust capabilities.

The Benefits of Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is a first-class cloud database platform for SaaS applications, mission-critical enterprise software, and other solutions that require exceptional scalability, reliability, availability, and security.

  • Built-in high availability and security: Aurora is a distributed and fault-tolerant platform, and includes many security features such as network isolation and encryption.
  • Storage automatically grows as needed, with no impact on database performance and no need to provision storage in advance.
  • Database storage scales up to 128TB to support every size workload.
  • No contract, pay-as-you-go pricing operates based on the storage and I/O used by your instances.
  • Greater than 99.99% availability offers six replicated copies distributed over three Availability Zones.
  • Automated failover only takes 30 seconds or less in most cases, with data constantly backed up to S3 storage.
  • The platform offers up to 5x the throughput of MySQL and 3x of PostgreSQL.
  • Total cost of ownership is often a fraction of commercial databases.
  • Scale read capacity and performance with 15 low-latency read replicas is distributed over three Availability Zones.
  • Highly secure environment offers protection from Amazon VPC, AWS Key Management Service, and SSL encryption.
  • Users can keep the same MySQL and PostgreSQL solutions on Aurora instances.
  • The platform handles many administrative and maintenance tasks automatically, allowing administrators to focus on optimizing databases and building new applications.
  • Aurora parallel query: Speed up your analytical queries by two orders of magnitude and leverage Aurora’s ability to use thousands of CPUs in the storage layer for parallel query processing.
  • Backtracking: Fix user errors by restoring your databases to a point in time with a process that only takes a few seconds.
  • Cloning: Quickly set up new cloned Aurora clusters with this cost-efficient tool.

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Improve the Performance of Your Database & Application with Datavail Amazon Aurora Services

Datavail’s Amazon Aurora experts have a wealth of AWS Aurora experience we employ to modernize and migrate your legacy database architecture, optimizing your workloads to help you get the improved processing performance you expect out of this platform. As a result, you get to boost the performance of your existing MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, along with any new solutions you create. Plus, you get to check off plenty of tedious administrative tasks so your DBAs can be more strategic.

Datavail Offers Every Amazon Aurora Service Needed to Make the Most Out of Your Migration

  • Managing routine AWS tasks
  • Continuous database health checks
  • Database assessment and cloud migration
  • Application development
  • Optimizing Aurora query performance for high concurrency
  • Aurora tuning for AWS cache and cloud cache
  • Modifying DB instance classes
  • Creating highly secure database instances
  • 24×7 monitoring and troubleshooting of your cloud environment

Datavail is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and has helped over 100 clients move their database workloads to AWS over the past five years. Our experience covers many popular database platforms, allowing our specialists to deliver a solution that’s perfect for your organization.

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