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Amazon DynamoDB Services

Manage your organizations’ database with Amazon DynamoDB. Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides fast performance at any scale.

Grow Your Organization’s Database with Datavail AWS DynamoDB

When you build an application, you want it to run fast and stay fast. However, databases face huge challenges in keeping up with today’s grueling demands. Datavail’s Amazon DynamoDB experts help you scale your cloud-based applications by guiding your capacity as your organization’s needs change over time. Amazon DynamoDB usage gives us the flexibility to design the best architecture for your application using document and key-valued models.

Our Amazon DynamoDB services include:

Continuous database monitoring and health checks

We proactively look for potential issues and inefficiencies in your databases to address problems before they have a negative impact on your organization.

Build-out of client applications on Amazon DynamoDB

Let us build you applications that are optimized for Amazon DynamoDB.

Custom-designed data tables

Get the exact data tables you need to support your scale and performance.

Personalized, custom indexes

We create the indexes you need, tailored to each use case.

Updating and rebuilding indexes

Keep your indexes working properly by letting us take over updates and rebuilding processes.

Implementing security measures

Our extensive AWS expertise allows your organization to leverage the best security measures available for your databases.

24x7 monitoring and troubleshooting of your cloud database service

We keep a close eye on your cloud databases to maximize their availability.
Put your database scaling issues in the past with Amazon DynamoDB and Datavail’s help. Fill out the on-page form to get started with the high-performance database solution your applications need.

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Cloud Overview

The Benefits of Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB offers enterprise-grade database scaling capabilities designed to keep up with the world’s most demanding workloads. Amazon DynamoDB benefits include:
  • Ability to handle 10 trillion requests daily and 20 million requests per second
  • Single-digit millisecond response times
  • Automated replication and partitioning
  • Cross-region replication for additional reliability
  • Enterprise-grade high availability features
  • Serverless infrastructure to eliminate the need to provision and manage servers
  • Solid state drives for optimized performance
  • Low latency and high throughput to keep up with the needs of modern application workloads
  • Stellar security to maintain data security, privacy, and compliance
  • Cost-efficient Amazon DynamoDB pricing
  • AWS free tier Amazon DynamoDB limits offer a great starting point for this service

Cloud Adoption Industry Benchmark: Trends & Best Practices

No matter where you and your organization are on that journey, you may have questions and wonder how other organizations have grappled with the same concerns or challenges.

How Does Amazon DynamoDB Work?

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL key-value and document database service that provides fast performance at any scale. When your organization’s applications experience growth in user traffic and data, they can run into scaling issues with the databases. The more people using your applications, the slower the database becomes.
When you implement Amazon DynamoDB, your databases grow as the application does. This service offers low latency and high throughput, so you don’t have to worry about your databases keeping pace with demand growth.

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