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Author: John Kaufling
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Top 2017 Developments in Oracle EBS

From software patches and upgrades to updates to documentation, there was a lot going on in Oracle EBS this year. The seven items below will give you just a brief taste of what you missed.

John Kaufling | January 3, 2018

The Skinny on Oracle’s Adaptive Intelligence Apps

“Adaptive intelligence” is the hot new thing in the fields of AI and machine learning–and Oracle knows it. This blog post tells you more about the power of AI.

John Kaufling | September 21, 2017
book release

Art of BI: Datavail’s Christian Screen Co-authors Comprehensive Guide to OBIEE

A preview of the new book, “Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 12c — Second Edition” by Datavail’s Christian Screen.

John Kaufling | June 26, 2017
Process documentation

Process Documentation and Business Intelligence

Good process documentation is the foundation of good business intelligence (BI). This post shows what good process documentation looks like.

John Kaufling | May 19, 2017
business intelligence processes

Process Documentation and Automation

This post looks at the role process documentation plays in automation, powering business intelligence systems for the world’s largest organizations.

John Kaufling | May 2, 2017
liberated dba

The Benefits of Having a “Liberated” DBA

With the advent of managed services and cloud computing, the DBA is “liberated” from some traditional roles, with more time to spend on more important tasks.

John Kaufling | March 28, 2017

What If Your DBA Could Do More?

A new blog post from Datavail discusses how implementing managed services can modernize your DBA’s role beyond the all-purpose job description.

John Kaufling | March 21, 2017

Methods of Reducing EBS Storage Footprint

By employing data footprint reduction techniques, you can cut down storage costs and increase backup performance of Oracle E-Business Suite.

John Kaufling | December 6, 2016

The Importance of Reducing EBS Storage Footprint

Faster response times and improved application performance are some of the many benefits of reducing your EBS storage footprint.

John Kaufling | November 29, 2016

Structured RDBMS Remains Popular Among Corporate Users

A recent study shows traditional relational database management systems remains popular among corporate users despite claims and hype to the contrary.

John Kaufling | February 4, 2016

Data Purging for Effective Database Management

To ensure your databases continue functioning effectively and successfully, the periodic purging of infrequently accessed data is a must. Read on for more.

John Kaufling | September 8, 2015

New Presentation on Oracle Health Checks Using APEX From IOUG Webinar

If you were not able to attend Chuck Ezell’s IOUG Webinar on Performing Oracle Health Checks using APEX, you can still learn a lot from his presentation slides.

John Kaufling | April 16, 2015

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