Top 2017 Developments in Oracle EBS

By | In Oracle, Oracle Applications | January 03rd, 2018

From software patches and upgrades to updates to documentation, there was a lot going on in Oracle EBS this year. The seven items below will give you just a brief taste of what you missed. For a more in-depth look at this year’s trends, download our e-book, What You Missed in Oracle EBS in 2017.

1. Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.7 Released

Of course, the most momentous occasion for Oracle EBS this year was the September 2017 release of the latest version of the software: Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.7. The update is both cumulative, incorporating previous releases such as 12.1.3 and 12.0, and extensive. It consists of upgrades for nearly every piece of EBS software, including changes to features and UI.

2. Methods for Minimizing EBS Upgrade Downtime Update

One month after EBS 12.2.7 was released, Oracle issued an update to its white paper, Best Practices for Minimizing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.7 Upgrade Downtime. This document contains dozens of detailed technical recommendations about how to upgrade to the latest version of EBS (in this case, 12.2.7). If you want to reduce the impact of the 12.2.7 update on your business, this white paper is important reading.

3. Application Management Pack for EBS Bundle Patch 1 Released

Also in October, Oracle announced the first update to its Application Management Pack for EBS, a software solution that monitors and manages EBS applications. Because the update includes many different critical bug fixes and upgrades, the “Bundle Patch 1” should be installed as soon as possible. Perhaps the most important new feature of the patch is a command line interface for Oracle AMP.

4. Office 365 ProPlus Certified With EBS 12.1 and 12.2

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, a licensing plan for Microsoft Office Professional 2016, is now certified for use with Oracle EBS 12.1 and 12.2–at least, the Excel, Word and Outlook applications are. Although Office 365 ProPlus is updated monthly, certifying future updates will not be necessary, according to Oracle.

5. Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Apps (Apple iOS and Android) Released

Oracle Mobile Approvals is a mobile app that managers and executives can use to approve requests from their employees. The latest version of Mobile Approvals, 1.6, was released in July of this year. This new update includes two useful features, as well as giving users more options for custom security certificates.

6. New Oracle ADF 12.2.6 Bundle Patch 7 Available

In October, Oracle released “Bundle Patch 7,” an upgrade to the Oracle Application Development Framework for Java EE developers. The patch is cumulative and also includes three new fixes and additions. All future Oracle ADF patches for EBS 12.2.6 will require Bundle Patch 7, so EBS 12.2.6 users should install the patch as soon as possible.

7. Oracle Workflow Developer’s Guide Updated

Last but not least, the developer’s guide for Oracle Workflow, an application for modeling and improving business processes, has been updated to reflect changes from EBS 12.2. The changes to the guide are minor, but important for developers to take note of moving forward.


2017 was another productive year for Oracle EBS users, and 2018 looks to be the same, with the likely release of EBS 12.2.8 as well as other patches and upgrades. Want to find out more about all the goings-on in the EBS ecosystem this year? Get the details by downloading Datavail’s full e-book What You Missed in Oracle EBS in 2017.

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