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Category: SharePoint

Eight Steps to a Digital Workplace: Part 1

You’ll enhance the success of your digital transformation project by following these eight steps to change your enterprise into what you’ve always wanted it to be.

Jason Wong | July 19, 2018

Best Practices in SharePoint Migration

The execution of a SharePoint migration is relatively small when compared to the planning and analysis. We’ll take you through best practices in this new blog post.

Mo Anwar | July 11, 2018

Content Migration Part 2 – How to Succeed

You’ve planned the content migration in Part 1 of the blog series. Now it’s time to review the tools and techniques for success for your SharePoint migration.

Jason Wong | March 1, 2018

How Secure is My Data In SharePoint

Microsoft ensures your data security, new blog post goes into the options available.

Nadeem Ansari | February 14, 2018

Content Migration Part 1 – What is it?

New blog author Jason Wong takes on content migration in two-part blog series. He’ll discuss the five steps needed to put a plan in place.

Jason Wong | February 7, 2018

How to Get External Data in to SharePoint

Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Business Data Catalog for enhanced capabilities in SharePoint to help organizations.

Krishna Naik | January 25, 2018

Designing Portal Sites for Business Success

A SharePoint portal helps organizations distribute information to employees for processes and creates a sense of community.

Nidhi Gupta | November 20, 2017

Move to Cloud – Quick Guide for SharePoint Migration

This blog post takes you through the “PowerShell Way” to help your organization with a cloud migration.

Rajan Todankar | November 15, 2017

Seven Qualities of a Highly Effective SharePoint Administrator

SharePoint is a critical part of your infrastructure in your organization. Here is a list of qualities to look for when searching for an administrator.

Shashi Duddukuri | October 24, 2017