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AWS Summit Toronto 2023 Event Recap

Author: Sambit Ghosh | | June 22, 2023


This month, I had the opportunity to attend Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit Toronto 2023 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

The summit featured over 70 keynote presentations, breakout sessions, demos, and networking opportunities with AWS experts and partners. The trends and topics at this event included data analytics, sustainability, application modernization, cloud migration and modernization, AI and machine learning, and operational excellence.

Datavail is proud to be one of the AWS Summit’s sponsors and an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, and we loved that the show took place in our Toronto office’s backyard. Here are some of the highlights that our team wanted to share!

Crack Open a Cold One in the Cloud

If you attended this show, you probably remember Datavail’s booth from the Beer for a Year giveaway we held. The event was buzz-worthy and so was our giveaway, so congratulations to the winners (make sure to check your email)!

If you missed out, don’t worry – we’ll have exciting giveaways at our other 2023 events. See where Datavail will be this year on our event calendar.

AWS Summit Toronto 2023 Session Highlights

With 70+ sessions in 1 day, it’s impossible to attend everything that might catch your eye. Here are some of the sessions and topics we found the most interesting.

AWS Summit Toronto 2023 Keynote: Wayne Duso, VP of Storage, Hybrid Edge, and Data Services, AWS, shared innovative ways companies leverage AWS to improve performance, optimize IT spending, and stay ahead. Discover technologies like machine learning and serverless computing to gain valuable insights into revolutionizing your industry.

Amazon EKS Cost Optimization: This chalk talk covered managing costs and gaining visibility into the distribution of applications on Amazon EKS in a Kubernetes environment. It demonstrated right-sizing techniques, flexible compute options, and autoscaling capabilities, empowering you to optimize K8 costs effectively.

Building with Generative AI on AWS: It’s not a technology conference these days without plenty of talk about generative AI. This session explored the potential of generative AI, capable of creating new content and driving business transformations. The speaker explained how to utilize generative AI on AWS for code generation, chatbot conversations, searching, and image generation. Additionally, it compared choosing from foundation models or using AWS services with generative AI built-in on cost-effective cloud infrastructure.

Running Oracle Applications on AWS: In this session, attendees learned about how AWS facilitates the migration of Oracle applications to the cloud, enabling agility, innovation, and new business insights. The speaker taught about architecture patterns, deployment options, and optimizing Oracle license usage without compromising high availability and disaster recovery. (P.S. Did you know that Datavail is an Oracle Partner and also has an AWS Oracle Services Competency?)

AWS Storage Cost Optimization Best Practices: Attendees to this session uncovered strategies to optimize storage costs while ensuring high performance. This chalk talk dove into AWS storage services, helping organizations store and utilize their data cost-effectively to drive informed decision-making and maximize value.

Strategies for Navigating Multi-cloud Decisions and Challenges: Multi-cloud is another hot topic, and this session delved into the complexities of managing IT operations in a multi-cloud environment or deciding on a multi-cloud strategy. Attendees gained unique insights and prescriptive guidance from the AWS Enterprise Strategy team, informed by thousands of engagements and research on how multi-cloud impacts cloud adoption and transformation.

Ready to get more out of your cloud investments? Schedule a meeting with our AWS application, analytics, and database specialists to learn how to achieve innovation, cost-efficiency, and success on your cloud journey.

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