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Azure SQL Database

Bring your SQL databases into the cloud with Azure’s fully-managed database environment.

What Is Azure SQL Database?

Azure SQL Database offers an innovative platform to work with your SQL workloads, with intelligent functionality, automatic scaling and serverless compute. Many time-consuming tasks are automated, freeing up developer and database administration time. Reliability is best in class, with up to a 99.99 percent uptime service level agreement and robust security.

The Benefits of Azure SQL Database

Bringing Azure SQL Database into your technology stack empowers your organization with a modern database platform capable of supporting high-performance, hyper-scale applications. The benefits of using Azure for your SQL databases include:

AI-powered Database Optimization

Get more out of SQL in the cloud by using the built-in, AI-powered analysis tools that let you know how you can improve your database performance.

Advanced Processing

Based on the latest stable version of the Microsoft SQL Server database engine, you can use advanced query processing features, such as high-performance in-memory technologies and intelligent query processing.

Reduce Infrastructure Management Overhead

Supporting high-performance, high-scale workloads quickly becomes complex on-premises. Azure SQL Database addresses this concern through automation and user-friendly tools that lead to more development time.

Single Reliable Data Source

Ability to use Single Database option for modern applications that need a single reliable data source or Elastic Pools to maximize the use of your database resources and save on your cloud consumption costs.

Meet Your Budget

Choose between three service tiers to meet your requirements and budget: General Purpose/Standard, Business Critical/Premium, or Hyperscale.

Keep Your Workloads Secure

Advanced threat detection, multiple security layers and compliance with industry and federal regulations help keep your data safe.

Continuously Updated

Your SQL databases always have the latest version, so you can avoid the challenges of end of support, rolling out updates, or staying on top of the release cycle.

Get up to 100 TB Storage

Bring your massive SQL databases to the cloud through Azure SQL Database Hyperscale, with automated scaling so you don’t run out of capacity at critical moments.

Serverless Support

Some workloads do not require an always-on server, so you can optimize your costs through serverless database instances.

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A Guide for Migrating to Azure SQL Database

If you’re in charge of managing your on-premise SQL Server databases and are interested in what it takes to migrate them over to Azure SQL Database, this is the guide for you.

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