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A Guide for Migrating to Azure SQL Database

Datavail White Paper

If you’re in charge of managing your on-premise SQL Server databases and are interested in what it takes to migrate them over to Azure SQL Database, this is the guide for you.

Azure SQL Database is a Fully Managed Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Azure SQL Database is a cloud computing database service provided by Microsoft Azure that hosts SQL Server databases in the cloud without requiring hardware setup or software installation from you as the customer.

As a PaaS database engine, it can free up database administrators (DBAs) from the routine tasks such as upgrading, patching and backups, leaving them open to work on more important business initiatives.

Let Datavail Guide You on Your Azure SQL Database Migration Journey

Azure SQL Database is an excellent platform that requires expert knowledge for a migration. Let this paper be a detailed guide for you on an Azure SQL Database migration that covers:

  • An overview of Azure SQL Database Options
  • Azure SQL Database pre-deployment and deployment planning
  • Connecting to Azure SQL Database using SSMS
  • Migrating an on-premises SQL Server Database to Azure SQL Database

Fill out the form to the right to get your guide to help plan and deploy your SQL Server migration to Azure SQL Database.

Datavail’s Azure experts can help you determine if an Azure SQL Database migration makes sense for your business goals with a cloud assessment and can execute a seamless migration from SQL Server to Azure with scalability combined with cost savings.

Learn more about Datavail’s Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.


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