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Datavail Alert OptimizerTM

Reduce The Noise With Our Web-Based Monitoring Tool

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides comprehensive monitoring functionality, but out-of-the-box implementation often leads to a bombardment of non-actionable or misclassified alerts.

Alerts that are actually fatal may be mislabeled and other alerts are often triggered that don’t really matter. The sheer number of alerts pull your focus away from being strategic to being purely reactive.

Datavail’s Oracle DBA Experts Step Up When You Need Them

Datavail’s Alert Optimizer is a tool specifically designed to address these issues. Developed by Datavail for its clients, the Alert Optimizer is a web-based tool that provides a skyscraper view of targets causing the most trouble then allows you to drill down granularly to find the root cause.

  • See where the noise is coming from…and pinpoint the targets causing the real issues.
  • Increase your service levels by focusing less on unnecessary alerts and more on performance issues that really matter.
  • Create monitoring templates more easily in Enterprise Manager.
  • Achieve a real return on your investment of time and resources by giving you more time to focus on what really matters.

Alert Optimizer works to eliminate unwanted and unnecessary alerts and enables you to identify unnecessary metrics and policies. It can also help you set up critical warning thresholds at the right levels.

Using an outbound connection from your OEM repository, alerts are posted to a web service. The tool was built so it can scale dynamically, for any size of enterprise.

Watch The Video To Find Out How Datavail Can Turn Down The Noise For You

Alert optimizer can help you meet your datacenter’s monitoring requirements and comply with security best practices. It’s a solution that is easy to set up and manage and scales as your enterprise grows.

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