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Oracle Enterprise Manager & Datavail Alert Optimizer

Chad Cleveland, Senior Oracle DBA at Datavail talks about how Alert Optimizer allows DBAs to track trends in the problematic areas within a database and work proactively to forecast and deliver solutions ahead of issues.

Show Transcript

Enterprise Manager is the tool that we chose to not only monitor but to manage an entire database environment for a customer. We know the most problematic areas that we should look for in a database: space issues, CPU problems, bottlenecks. So we have delivered a series of templates that are small and they collect exactly what we want for a database. We have that notification method set up to respond almost immediately to those issues as they arise. Furthermore, after we’ve been in an environment for a number of months we can go back and extract that data that we’ve been collecting and provide a beautiful report of all the trends that are happening in their database environment.

Alert Optimizer allows you to see the high bar. We can start to address those patterns rather than just react to them which is what Enterprise Manager is mostly known for. An alert comes through, we react. Now we can go in and forecast space issues, we can deliver solutions before they happen.

We can knock the small fruit off and then find the real problems with an environment. Instead of reacting to space alerts and user requests now we can say “your database is performing 50 percent slower than it should be, here’s why”. Now we can start to address those kind of issues rather than just react to alerts and table space issues and the small noise.

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