Performance Management Platform

Center of Excellence Performance Management Platform

What is Datavail’s Performance Management Platform?

Datavail’s Application Performance Management (APM) platform, developed by Accelatis, is the only enterprise APM solution to enable both IT and Business users to manage and optimize the use of their enterprise applications. By working from a common Datavail APM platform, IT and Business users can work collaboratively from a common set of data and analytics to create a high-performance environment for their mission critical applications.


Standardized Reporting can be generated in multiple format and automatically delivered either on a schedule or on an as-needed basis.

Real-Time Alerting

All user and system activities can be configured to trigger alerts for individual occurrences or patterns of activity.


Datavail is highly securable from environment to product to role to object levels.


Our APM platform was designed from the ground up to leverage industry standards and securable communications channels.

User Interface

Data can be consumed in multiple formats from a desktop administrator UI, web portal, desktop widgets and subscribable reports.


Our solution works across the Oracle EPM cloud and on-premises applications suites – EPM Cloud, Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Planning, and Essbase along with the associated products such as SmartView, Shared Services, Reports and Financial Data Quality Management.


Datavail helps monitor, manage and report at all levels of the Oracle EPM environment, from IT/Infrastructure through application administration to solving problems that face your CFO. Datavail lets you enjoy more insight and better performance while avoiding the all too common frustrations of excessive guesswork, system downtime, and user complaints.


The Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Proficiency Model helps gauge your current approach and processes to solve your EPM challenges. Datavail helps our clients evolve to the level they desire to deliver the performance they demand.

We empower our EPM clients to operate at the most efficient level allowing them to focus more on their business and less on managing their infrastructure. By taking a comprehensive approach to APM, our clients benefit from the full cycle of product tuning, monitoring, issue resolution, optimization and user simulations. All these benefits work together to provide greater value than point solutions.

Application Support

Operating System and Software Support