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The Key to Accelerating Your Pace of Innovation – Automated Regression Testing

Datavail White Paper

Application Development (AppDev) releases often used to be launched either quarterly or once per year, but over the past several years the release cycle has increased significantly. Some organizations now push updates on a weekly or even daily basis to keep up an accelerated pace of innovation.

The application quality has to keep up with this breakneck speed to avoid disappointing users. Buggy software can cause significant reputation damage, making it difficult for organizations to grow. Companies today need to be more competitive at driving innovation, employee productivity and delighting their customers.

Rigorous regression testing is essential to ensure that existing applications features don’t break with each new release, so they remain as reliable and functional as they did before the update. Manually testing existing features for possible bugs is a tedious process, and takes time away from other important tests. A lack of resources leads to regression testing that is pushed to the bottom of the priority list, lacks sufficient time, or is skipped entirely.

In this white paper, we’ll discuss using automated regression testing to empower AppDev teams through quick, efficient testing that allows new releases to launch without breaking existing features.

Download our paper to learn:

  • What is Automated Regression Testing – Regression testing acts as a safety net to catch unexpected bugs introduced with new code changes, feature additions, and other software updates, but how does automation improve this?
  • Different Types of Regression Testing – Regression testing comes in several forms, and the right type of testing depends on your organization’s technical resources and your goals for that particular test.
  • Where Automated Regression Testing Fits in the AppDev Lifecycle – Not only does it matter which of the different types of QA and testing are performed during the software development lifecycle process (SDLC), but also when and where they are performed in the SDLC.
  • What are the Benefits of Automated Regression Testing? – Automated regression testing delivers multiple benefits for your organization.
  • How Much Regression Testing Should Be Automated? – Deciding how much of your regression testing should be automated and how much should be manual depends on a variety of variables.
  • Challenges of Automated Regression Testing – Automated regression testing is a powerful tool when it’s used correctly, but implementing it can present several challenges.
  • Automated Regression Testing Implementation – When you’re implementing an automated regression testing tool for your AppDev team, you need test cases to answer a number of questions to get the best coverage.
  • Where Does DevOps Fit in Automated Regression Testing? – Automated regression testing is a critical part of DevOps, as it’s essential for a continuous delivery process.
  • Should You Consider Outsourcing Your QA, Testing, and Automated Regression Testing? – Effective software testing requires skilled and experienced testers empowered with the right tools for the job.
  • How Datavail Can Help
    • Datavail’s QA and testing experts have over 17 years of experience testing applications for hundreds of companies.
    • Our QA engineers can guide you through each part of automating your regression testing and help you deliver applications faster.
    • Contact the QA and software testing experts at Datavail to learn how we can support your AppDev teams and speed up the time to value for your applications.


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