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Why QA & Software Testing is the Most Important Thing Your AppDev Team Can Do

Datavail White Paper

The pace of today’s business world necessitates the fast delivery of reliable, high performance, and feature-rich applications for customers, employees, and partners. Before your applications launch in production and get in front of end-users, they should go through a thorough testing process, including both automated and manual testing. Poorly performing applications that aren’t fast and reliable come with many costs, including lower revenue, decreased productivity, and damage to your reputation.

In this white paper, we cover what Quality Assurance (QA) is in application development, the benefits it brings to your organization, types of software testing, and how you can use QA as a Service and Testing as a Service to improve your development processes.

Download our paper to learn:

  • What the benefits of QA and software testing are in AppDev – QA and testing deliver many benefits to an organization.
  • Modern best practices for QA and software testing, which change over time and continue to build off new processes, standards, user expectations, and technologies.
  • Different types of software testing, which come in various forms, since a wide variety of capabilities need to be checked to see whether or not an application is ready to go into production.
  • The difference between manual and automated testing; the different types of software tests can be organized into two categories: manual and automated testing.
  • What “QA as a Service” or “QAaaS” is, and what “Testing as a Service?” or “TaaS” is – and the benefits of them.


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