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MySQL 5.7 Features, Enhancements and Upgrade Path

MySQL 5.7 Features, Enhancements and Upgrade Path

Is MySQL 5.7 really a big deal? It is, and you’ve come to the right place to find out about it.

In this white paper, you’ll see why people are saying 5.7 has more major enhancements than you’ve seen in any other MySQL release in years.

There are replication related enhancements … optimizer boosts … more comprehensive performance metrics … InnoDB improvements … even new ways to beef up security.

Download the whitepaper now, and you’ll learn how to leverage all of these great new features for your enterprise.

You’ll also find some helpful upgrade insights from Datavail. Discover:

  • Upgrade changes to note, such as new password expiration protocols and why you’ll need to watch your optimizer after you upgrade
  • Config defaults you’ll want to know and how to work with them effectively
  • Best practices for upgrading with minimal risk and downtime

See what we’ve noticed as the best news to come out with MySQL 5.7, and learn what we’ll be watching when we upgrade our clients to this release.

Download The White Paper Here

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