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Top 6 Standout Features in MySQL 8.0

Oracle schedules release of new versions of MySQL every three years to match up with the increase and amelioration of applications, library systems, coding languages, and technologies. As the most popular open-source relational database, MySQL has grown to be the standard for developing database systems as it offers cost-effective, salient, secure and reliable options for developers. It garners its popularity from its robust features, granular scalability, and seamless integration with numerous web-based and native applications.

Oracle released MySQL 8.0 in April 2018 and it comes with a hoard of new features. Those who revere NoSQL don’t have to switch to a non-relational database anymore.

The latest features include:

  • Data Dictionary,
  • Deprecation of MySQL manual upgrades,
  • Removal of Query Cache

The new MySQL offers a unique database experience altogether. There are ongoing automatic upgrades of the original version 8.0, but significant features will remain unchanged.

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