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Webinar: Migrating to Amazon RDS for SQL Server

Datavail Webinar

Are you in charge of your SQL Server databases and are interested in learning more on how to get started with Amazon RDS? Download our slides and learn more about:

  • What Amazon RDS is for SQL Server and the reasons organizations are migrating to Amazon RDS.
  • Details around AWS Regions, AWS Availability Zones (AZs), Amazon Simple Store Service (S3) and Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM).
  • A deep dive into how to plan your cloud migration from SQL Server to Amazon RDS migration.
  • What the shifting priorities and responsibilities will be for DBAs post-migration.

If you’re looking to speak with a migration expert and to get started on an Amazon RDS migration from SQL Server, get in touch with our specialists today.

Learn more about Datavail’s Amazon RDS services.

Watch the Webinar Here

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