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Cloud Migration Best Practices: Top Strategies and Tools

Datavail Webinar

The cloud is the ultimate destination for most of today’s enterprise data

In fact, a recent survey of Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) subscribers found that 62% currently manage databases in hosted cloud environments, and nearly the same percentage are using cloud-native databases. The only question is how much data will live in the cloud and what will remain in on-premises or hybrid environments.

At the same time, cloud migration is not without risks and challenges—from cost and complexity to skills gaps, data integrity and security considerations, and performance monitoring and management requirements.

During a recent DBTA roundtable webinar, JP Chen, Senior Director and Global Practice Leader of SQL Server Services, Datavail, shared his insights on cloud migration best practices, top strategies, and tools. Fill out the form on this page to watch this on-demand video now.

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