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Open-Source? Purpose-Built? NoSQL?

Making the Right Strategic Cloud Modernization Decisions for Your Commercial Databases

Datavail White Paper

Commercial RDBMS databases such as SQL Server and Oracle are not always the right fit for developing modern applications, as these legacy systems were originally designed around relational data models and monolithic architecture. While performing a lift and shift cloud migration of SQL Server or Oracle databases offers some benefits, it’s only the start of your cloud journey – modernization is next.

Set your organization up for cloud modernization success by downloading our white paper and learning about:

  • Cloud Modernization Trends
  • Benefits of Cloud Modernization
  • Modernizing Commercial Databases with Open-Source Solutions
  • Modernizing Commercial Databases with Cloud-Native and Purpose-Built Solutions
  • Strategic Approaches for Cloud Modernization
  • Exploring License Cost Savings with Open-Source Databases
  • Achieving Better Performance Through Cloud-Native Databases
  • Gaining Horizontal Scaling and Distributed Processing with NoSQL Databases
  • Using Purpose-built Non-Relational Databases


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