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Advantages of Moving Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the Cloud

Datavail White Paper

Many businesses are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is an on-premises application, but its lifecycle is nearing an end. Upgrading to Dynamics 365 is the only way to future-proof your operations. Microsoft is focused on the cloud for future development and support, meaning that it’s only a matter of time before businesses using Microsoft Dynamics CRM are left behind.

Other businesses are choosing between deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, or Marketing applications on-premises or in the cloud. Given Microsoft’s cloud orientation, there are many more advantages to deploying Dynamics 365 in the cloud. You can start with the applications you need now and grow into new features as your requirements change.

In this white paper, we’ll address:

  • Why a CRM is critical to your business
  • The evolution of Microsoft CRM from on-premises to SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • What the advantages are of Microsoft Dynamics 365 over Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises
  • The 11 features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that aren’t available in Dynamics CRM
  • The 10 advantages of MS Dynamics 365 in the cloud vs. on premises
  • Details regarding the end-of-life support for Microsoft CRM modules
  • How Datavail can help you with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM needs

Datavail is a Microsoft Gold Partner who has helped a large number of companies spanning a wide range of sizes and industries with their Dynamics 365 CRM needs. We offer consultation, development as well as managed services so that your D365 environment is the perfect fit for your company’s own business processes and needs, and is also managed around the clock, 24/7/365.

Learn more about Datavail’s Dynamics 365 CRM services here.

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