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A Faster Future with Newly Released MongoDB 4.2

Datavail White Paper

For big data and NoSQL, MongoDB is the leading database.

Its open-source software is often the preferred choice for developers, especially when compared to expensive payware. With a strong support community, excellent documentation, and available support with Enterprise and PaaS – MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB is an excellent choice for many application database management systems (DBMS). In many cases, Atlas provides the preferred platform (encompassing Google, AWS, and Azure) because it includes most of the features that draw you to MongoDB in the first place. Further, MongoDB can be implemented on premise, in the cloud, as a service, or as a hybrid, so it will work for your enterprise regardless of its current architecture.

Upgrading means more than just adding resources, however. The release of MongoDB 4.2 signals the end of support for previous versions, but also updates the critical services found on those predecessors, such as security and compliance capacities. Best practice is to upgrade to MongoDB 4.2 so you avoid those costly malfunctions and breach-risks that will certainly crop up in outdated and unsupported database technologies.

This Datavail white paper explores new features introduced in the newly released MongoDB 4.2.

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