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Essbase 19c Content Hub

Have you been thinking about making the move to Essbase 19c?

Then this hub is for you.

Our knowledgeable Essbase team brings you information on Essbase 19c, help deciding between on-prem and cloud, and tips for upgrading or migrating. Get your information how you like it – white papers, blog posts, on-demand webinars and more.

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Essbase 19c On-Prem & Cloud: What You Need to Know

In this white paper, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Essbase as a standalone product.

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What Does Essbase 19c Mean for Me if I’m on 11.x, 12c, or OAC?

If you’re thinking about upgrading to Essbase 19c, here’s how it will affect your existing applications like E/PBCS, OAC, BIFS, and more.

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Essbase Cloud vs. On-Premise: What’s the Difference?

The decision between Essbase cloud and on-premise may not be a clear-cut one. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between Essbase Cloud and on-premise.

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9 Reasons to Migrate to Essbase 19c Cloud

Datavail’s Essbase experts deliver 9 reasons why companies should look at migrating to Essbase 19c Cloud.

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Insurance Company

Multi billion-dollar insurance company offering life insurance, annuities, retirement plan services, and group protection wanted to consolidate and migrate multiple on-premises planning & analytics applications to the cloud.

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Essbase Services

Traditional databases have their place in data analytics, but they may fall short of your goals. MariaDB Platform offers a columnar database solution that is designed to better support real-time analytics at a large scale.

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Essbase On-prem to Essbase 19c Cloud – How, When and Why

Get insight into the benefits of upgrading vs. moving to the cloud, scenarios and case studies from our recent years of experience, and how moving to the cloud might affect your budgeting, software updates & patches, existing investments, licensing costs, and more.

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The Ultimate Guide to Essbase 19c

How does the recent removal of Essbase from OAC affect your existing Essbase, OAC, or PBCS, applications?

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January 2020 Oracle Critical Patch Update Affects EPM 11.2

So you’ve spun up Hyperion/Oracle EPM And now… it is time to patch! I haven’t come across a comprehensive patching guide for EPM 11.2 yet, so here’s my attempt to create one.

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