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Category: MS SQL

Investigating Missing SQL Indexes to Increase Performance

If your organization uses a relational database, chances are it relies on an SQL server.

Eric Russo | December 12, 2013

Max Server Memory and the 300 Second Rule

Up until recently the commonly understood and accepted ideal number for page-life-expectancy (PLE) for a SQL Server instance was 300 seconds (5 minutes) or greater.

Andy McDermid | December 11, 2013

Replication changes in SQL Server 2012

Microsoft has not made any major changes to Replication for the last few versions, but with each version, there are always a few changes.

Adam Durr | December 10, 2013

Move SPFILE from ASM to File System

The following is an example of how to move your SPFILE from ASM to your file system or vice versa.

Dallas Willett | July 20, 2011

Real Application Testing

The two main scripts we created to do this were called test.sql and tune.sql. The contents of those scripts comprise the rest of this blog post.

Dallas Willett | April 6, 2011

Using SQL to create SQL (and other usefulness)

Today, I had a task of modifying a slave to exclude (or if you want to say specifically include) tables.

Patrick Galbraith | February 11, 2011

How Much More Time Until That Backup/Restore is Done?

SQL Server Database Administrators always get to hear the age-old question: How much longer will that restore or backup take?

Eric Russo | July 13, 2010

Great tip for us SQL Server DBAs – Uninstall Programs from Command Line

It has happened to most SQL Server DBAs and Windows Administrators before: We go to uninstall a program, on Windows Server…

Eric Russo | May 28, 2010

Art of BI: SQL Server – Truncate and Shrink Log File

Often when building a database, not all properties and settings are configured properly when initially created.

Christian Screen | May 22, 2009
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