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Real-Life Examples and Best Practices for Your Journey to Cloud Analytics

Datavail White Paper

If you are considering migrating or have already decided to migrate from on-premises data analytics to the cloud, making this choice is just the first step on your journey to cloud analytics.

For the best chance at success, it’s highly useful to hear tips, best practices, and war stories from companies who have already been in your position.

Datavail previously hosted the webinar “Journey to Cloud Analytics – How Companies’ Analytics Challenges Can be Solved by Moving to the Cloud.” Facilitated by Tom Hoblitzell, Vice President of Data Management at Datavail, the webinar’s panel also featured three senior IT executives from enterprises who all have first-hand experience with cloud analytics:

  • Executive #1: Chief Data and Analytics Officer (CDAO) at a large healthcare network
  • Executive #2: Director of Data Science, Data and Analytics at a Fortune 500 oil & gas corporation
  • Executive #3: Vice President of Information Technology at an enterprise bank

These IT leaders shared a wealth of valuable experiences and advice during the panel discussion, including:

  • The motivation for their cloud analytics migration
  • The benefits they sought to achieve with the migration
  • Strategies for migrating to cloud analytics
  • How to choose a cloud hosting platform
  • Advice for other companies on their journey to cloud analytics

Missed the webinar? Not to worry. In this white paper, we’ll sum up the strategies, expertise, and best practices these executives have to share for companies who are embarking on a cloud analytics migration.

Download the white paper to learn some insights garnered from the expert, experienced professionals of the executive panel discussion, and answers to the questions they were asked below:

  1. What should you move to the cloud first: applications, databases, or analytics?
  2. What issues were you looking to solve with a cloud analytics migration?
  3. What are the best practices for migrating a data analytics environment to the cloud?
  4. How did you approach the question of total cost of ownership?
  5. How should you integrate multiple on-premises data sources?
  6. How did you select your cloud hosting environment?
  7. What are the most important benefits you received by migrating to the cloud?
  8. What advice do you have for companies embarking on a cloud analytics journey?

How Datavail Can Help with Your Cloud Analytics Migration

The advice and best practices above have just scratched the surface of what to consider when embarking on your journey to cloud analytics. If you need further assistance answering these questions, we highly recommend you speak with a knowledgeable and qualified cloud analytics migration partner like Datavail.

Thousands of clients have joined forces with Datavail for their database, data management and analytics, business intelligence, and application development and management needs. Our cloud analytics certifications include:

  • Microsoft Gold Partner (with more than 17 years as a trusted Microsoft Partner)
  • AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner for Analytics
  • Oracle Specialized Partner for Business Intelligence

Datavail has an average partnership length of more than 7 years, testifying to our many satisfied long-term clients. We offer a full suite of cloud analytics services, including:

  • Cloud readiness assessments of your IT hardware, software, and integrations
  • Roadmaps and strategic planning for minimal downtime
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) analyses for the most cost-effective solution
  • Migrations and upgrades for your data warehouse, data lake and analytics platforms
  • Integrations and connections for your on-premises and third-party data sources
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting for up-to-the-minute insights
  • Ongoing long-term support, maintenance and managed services

Need help with your own journey to cloud analytics? We’ve helped countless clients who were once in your shoes, and we’re here to listen. Get in touch with our team of cloud analytics experts today for a chat about your business needs and objectives.

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