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Art of BI: Top 6 Big Picture Business Intelligence Oversights

The lack of problem identification and rushing through the process are amongst the serious errors you could make when you roll out BI solutions.

Christian Screen | March 15, 2017
Training session

Art of BI: Oracle Analytics Training Courses — What You Need to Know

This blog post discusses why Big Data training should be part of the big picture for your company and lists Datavail’s current Oracle Analytics training courses.

Sherry Milad | March 9, 2017

Art of BI: Building Better Dashboards with Storyboarding

Storyboarding helps create an appealing visual layout of information management dashboards that provides rich, responsive, and real-time business insights.

Bill Anderson | January 24, 2017

Art of BI: The Benefits of Storyboarding for Report and Dashboard Creation

Storyboarding offers a great way of visualizing sequence and the interconnectedness of business reports or projects in the fields of BI and data analytics.

Bill Anderson | January 17, 2017

Art of BI: The Democratization of BI

The democratization of Business Intelligence has given companies and their IT teams access to a wealth of valuable tools. Here’s how to maximize them.

Christian Screen | December 22, 2016

Art of BI: 5 Essential Best Practices for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

These best practices for Oracle BI set standards for dashboard and report development procedures, which in turn provide insight into the business.

Christian Screen | December 15, 2016

Art of BI: Essbase Cloud Service – First Look, Benefits, and Training

An Essbase Cloud Service First Look and Training walkthroughs and implementations for our Hyperion and Oracle BI customers.

Christian Screen | December 14, 2016

Art of BI: Public Sector Case Study – 4 Steps to Infrastructure Success with OBIA

Oracle’s BI solutions enable organizations to link their strategic, financial, and operational plans to overcome the increasingly complex regulatory oversight.

Christian Screen | December 13, 2016
Man having fun with Oracle Standby Databases

Art of BI: Healthy Market for BI Tools From Oracle

Due to the growing demand in the current enterprise world for data analytics and business intelligence, BI tools are becoming a market trend.

Christian Screen | November 16, 2016