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Art of BI: OBIEE RPD Demo – Sample Sales Analysis – Part 1

Oracle has just published a new Sample Sales Analysis RPD with supporting data files for OBIEE.  This OBIEE RPD example should be a great additional demo for any OBIEE professional to demo to clients and learn some techniques. This is from Oracle and link comes thanks to John Minkjan our Netherlands native OBIEE guru.  I […]

Christian Screen | July 20, 2009

Art of BI: OBIEE and Google Maps Integration

Integrate Google Maps with OBIEE is really not that difficult when you know how. I recommend having some comfort level with general web development skills such as JavaScript and OOP but even that is not important when you’ve got a nice step-by-step guide like what I am showing here. There are many more caveats to this integration that I may not have had time to write, so comment to the post, and I’ll try to get back to your questions.

Christian Screen | July 14, 2009

Art of BI: C# Convert Decimal to String

Microsoft usually has good documentation but on this particular topic I always felt that it was lacking. Here is the MS core documentation for converting a decimal to a string, I recently needed to ensure that I was only getting only two decimal places on a dollar amount as I converted it into a […]

Christian Screen | July 13, 2009

Art of BI: SQL Exception: The TCP/IP Connection to the host has failed.

It turns out this error is caused when TCP/IP to the SQL Server server instance has been disabled. It is actually disabled by default. Below are the steps to resolve the issue.

Christian Screen | July 7, 2009

Art of BI: Branding OBIEE with Free Photoshop-like tool

We steadily brand our client’s OBIEE portals with their logos, color schemes, etc.  Usually this takes a tool like Photoshop to handle the graphics.  However, I just came across a very sweet, free, photoshop-like web tool that anyone can use to edit photos and even create graphics and color schemes with. The group is called […]

Christian Screen | July 6, 2009

Art of BI: Simple SubSonic Project Collection Retrieve

Using the subsonic project ORM for .NET clearly has tons of benefits for DAL and BLL purposes. A great way to get a list of records from the db is to use the collection object which is created for tables and view objects from the db. Here are two examples of how to use the […]

Christian Screen | July 4, 2009

Art of BI: SQL Server CASE IN() Statement Revealed- Who Knew?

I am about to show you a great sql trick that only a few SQL Server T-SQL masters actually know.  It will save  you a decent amount of coding and make you the envy of your Sql Server colleagues. Even in the Microsoft documentation on the CASE statement does not list that the CASE … WHEN…THEN…END statement […]

Christian Screen | July 1, 2009

Art of BI: An error occurred while processing the EXECUTE PHYSICAL statement

Typically I haven’t bumped into this error in the past with OBIEE but the other day it smacked me in the face.  Problem I was adding a SQL Server 2005 datamart to my Physical layer and didn’t run the initial check to see that OBIEE could read the data in my view/table objects. Clearly it […]

Christian Screen | June 28, 2009

Art of BI: Flatten Parent Child Vertical Table to Horizontal Generations

This is just another post that I’ve been meaning to put up for a while but it just became relevant again on an OBIEE project I am working on.  In Essbase I am generally a fan of loading data in using Parent/Child builds rules but as we know with OBIEE when looking at the relational […]

Christian Screen | June 26, 2009

Art of BI: Great EPM/BI Sales Demo. Smart Business Intelligence.

Searching through my favorites today I found my all time favorite BI demo video.  This is the best video I have come across on the web that explains in lay how BI, Distributed Reporting, and Data Warehousing assist an organization. It’s really brilliant how they put together this page to be insightful and interactive.  […]

Christian Screen | June 1, 2009

Art of BI: Hostname resolved to an IP Address – Windows 2008 Hyperion System 11 Installation Issue

 In continuation with VM Image installation of Hyperion 11x I decided to stand-up a Windows Server 2008 Hyperion 11x image with just the basic Foundation Services and Essbase as outlined in AppliedOLAP’s Hyperion 11x Installation guide.  I bumped into a problem in the way that the Hyperion install, specifically foundation services references the network.  In […]

Christian Screen | May 27, 2009

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