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When and Why Are Companies Moving to the Cloud?

The questions of when and why organizations perform Cloud Migrations are answered, as well as specific benefits of moving to the cloud are covered.

Sambit Ghosh | March 16, 2022

What Do DBAs Want Out of Their Jobs?

Discover what DBAs are looking for in an organization, job, and career during the Great Resignation.

Eric Russo | March 15, 2022

Why Companies Fail to Implement a Data Governance Strategy

Data governance implementation can be challenging & the lack of strategy can lead to failure. Learn about the importance of data governance implementation.

Bankim Sheth | March 10, 2022

How to Formulate Your Cloud Migration Strategy

Organizations should consider 2 key factors before beginning a cloud migration: what to do with legacy IT & how to choose the best cloud hosting platform.

Sambit Ghosh | March 9, 2022

Why You Should Embrace Machine Learning – You Can’t Afford Not to

Companies wanting to thrive in the future should launch or continue their ML implementation as soon as possible. Here are some key reasons why.

Jorge Anicama | March 8, 2022

Business Analytics: ML in Action

Gaining insights is not simply gathering info., analytic programming searches for info. related to inquiries following 1 of the modes of analytic programming design.

Jorge Anicama | March 3, 2022

From Monolithic to Microservices: Moving Legacy Applications to the Cloud

Legacy Applications don’t have to be a barrier to Cloud Migration. Learn more about what you need to know about legacy application migration.

Sambit Ghosh | March 2, 2022

4 Benefits of Power BI for Your Business

With millions of subscribers, Power BI is a feature-rich visualization and reporting tool. Here are 4 key reasons outlined for its large popularity.

Jeff Schodowski | March 1, 2022

Questions to Ask Before Starting a MySQL to Amazon Aurora Migration

Ask the right questions before you begin a MySQL to Amazon Aurora cloud database migration to get the process started off right.

Srinivasa Krishna | February 24, 2022

Benefits of Migrating MySQL Databases to Amazon Aurora

Explore the benefits of moving your MySQL databases to Amazon Aurora, a fully managed, MySQL-compatible cloud database platform.

Srinivasa Krishna | February 22, 2022

Will Microsoft Power Apps Citizen Developers Create Shadow IT?

With the emergence of citizen developers using low-code platforms such as Power apps, you need to provide them with a structure within which to work, such as a COE.

Richard Schulz | February 17, 2022

How Business and IT Teams Can Better Work Together – Power Apps Can Help

Learn how businesses are working to create programs to increase the number of citizen developers in their companies who use low-code platforms such as Power Apps.

Richard Schulz | February 15, 2022

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