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How Other Companies Successfully Manage Hyperion

Author: Ed DeLise | | July 12, 2018

Of all the adjectives that you can use to describe Oracle Hyperion, from “popular” to “powerful,” it’s difficult to call it “easy to manage.” As with most modern applications, the challenges and frustrations of managing and monitoring Hyperion are common knowledge in the industry and simply accepted as the cost of the advantages you gain in process efficiency, standardization, and overall simplicity.

The challenges of Hyperion don’t have to be quite so daunting, however. Rather than simply adding another tool to their environment, these companies are strategically making use of Datavail’s dedicated application performance management (APM) platform: Accelatis. Below, we’ll take a look at how five of Datavail’s clients have successfully managed their Hyperion deployment using Accelatis, and how you can do the same for your organization.

Case Study No. 1: Fortune 100 Manufacturer

The client, a multinational manufacturer whose brand is a household name, had a database monitoring tool they wanted to deploy for Hyperion. Despite the clear problems with the monitoring tool’s functionality and performance, however, managers continued to insist that the IT team would have to make do with it.

These interdepartmental conflicts continued for another two years, making the business less harmonious and less productive in the meantime. The breaking point for the client finally came when the company selling their choice of tool was unable to name any customers who had successfully used the tool with Hyperion. After that admission, switching to Accelatis was the obvious choice.

Case Study No. 2: (Another)  International Manufacturer

The client, another multinational manufacturer, had an enterprise license agreement with Oracle that allowed them to use any Oracle software by paying a flat fee. Prior to working with Datavail, the client attempted to use Oracle’s own Application Testing Suite software (OATS) to test their Oracle EBS applications.

Unfortunately, although it’s a sensible choice for Oracle EBS monitoring, OATS lacks the capability to do Hyperion monitoring as well. When the client heard about the additional benefits that Accelatis provided in terms of Hyperion monitoring, performance testing, user experience tracking, and management, they quickly moved to sign a contract with Datavail and have been happy customers ever since.

Case Study No. 3: Pharmaceutical Company

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies had previously used a well-known monitoring tool to build automations for its Hyperion environment. As time passed, the client grew increasingly dependent on these automations for its day-to-day IT operations–even as the tool’s updates and patches became less and less frequent.

Worried about the tool’s obsolescence, the client reached out to Datavail in search of a more modern APM solution. Datavail convinced the client that Accelatis could not only replicate these automations but also add benefits such as performance testing, log management, automation, optimization, and more.

Case Study No. 4: Food and Beverage Corporation

This client is a multinational food and beverage corporation with dozens of recognizable brands. Before approaching Datavail, the client wasn’t using an APM tool at all. Instead, they paid an IT consulting firm $15,000 on a quarterly basis for a report based on two weeks of manual observation and analysis.

Although these reports did provide valuable insights, they were also time-consuming, expensive, and too infrequent to warrant their cost. What’s more, every report only offered a single snapshot every three months into the state of the client’s Hyperion deployment. Now that the client has partnered with Datavail, the report is automated and accessible in real-time.

Case Study No. 5: Engineering Firm

The client in this case study, a multinational engineering and technology firm was using a common monitoring tool. Because this tool was so complex, however, the client needed to hire specialized experts to get it to work correctly with their Hyperion environment. This made managing Hyperion much more difficult, as the client’s IT team had to depend on a third party’s availability and schedule.

Switching to Accelatis was beneficial to the client in several ways:

  • Accelatis was able to work with Hyperion features such as Smart View forms
  • Accelatis was easy enough for users to get up and running right away
  • Accelatis had powerful features for monitoring, log management, performance testing, and more
  • Our platform saved the client money and allowed them to be more self-reliant.


From interdepartmental conflicts to costly third-party consultants, picking the wrong APM or monitoring tool can drastically affect the health of your Hyperion deployment and your business. Despite its complexity, Hyperion doesn’t need an equally complex set of applications to manage it. Datavail’s Accelatis APM solution for Hyperion enables you to spend less time troubleshooting performance issues and more time on meaningful, valuable activities.


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