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Webinar: Why Your Monitoring Tools Aren't Enough to Manage Hyperion

Why Your Monitoring Tools Aren't Enough to Manage Hyperion

The Oracle Hyperion suite of products has many moving parts. Enjoying consistently strong performance that enables your end users to do their jobs without interruption doesn’t just happen; it requires purposeful performance management. All companies have monitoring tools in place to keep a pulse on their systems, but when it comes to Oracle Hyperion, it’s not enough.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how you can proactively manage your Oracle Hyperion footprint by leveraging valuable information that is hidden below the surface of the software. We’ll also discuss functionality beyond monitoring that is critical to keeping your system running as you expect it, and work through strategies that will enable you to identify your performance management gaps and fill them with valuable solutions including log management, performance testing, automation, auditing of changes, and other capabilities that your teams can leverage to proactively reduce the risk of performance disruptions.

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Below is a preview of the webinar transcript. Karen: Hi everyone and welcome to OD TED's education series. Today's presentation is why your monitoring tools aren't enough to manage Hyperion, presented by Ed DeLise of datAvail. This presentation will be recorded and available for viewing on OD TED website in a couple of days, so feel free to put your questions into the questions box any time during the presentation and they'll be addressed either during the presentation itself or during the Q&A period at the end. So welcome Ed, and thank you for being here today. Ed DeLise: Great, Karen. Thank you very much. I will go ahead and get started. As Karen mentioned, my name is Ed DeLise. I am the VP of Application Performance Management at datAvail. I've been in the Hyperion world for about 18 years. I began working with Hyperion back in about 2000, working for them directly here in Atlanta here where I live. Then I was with Upstream Software, which if you're familiar with FDM, that's where that came from originally until we were acquired by Hyperion. I was the former VP of Solutions/Principle at Accelatis which is a software company that was acquired by datAvail back in July. I was involved in building Hyperion performance management solutions at Accelatis. I have a bachelor's in both accounting and finance from Texas A&M, and right when Hyperion was acquired by Oracle, I became involved with the user group community at that time and was the founder of the Hyperion SIG and was the President for three years at that time. And when I'm not doing all this Hyperion stuff, I'm also the father of nine kids. Fill out the form to the right to watch the webinar in its entirety. >>

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