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Low-Code AppDev: The History and Evolution of Automated Coding

A quick look at the history, origins and background of the concept of low-code/no-code platforms.

Tom Moore | October 7, 2021

Low-Code, No-Code, Custom AppDev: What’s the Difference?

Explanation of the differences between custom-built applications, low-code platforms, and no-code.

Tom Moore | September 30, 2021

Getting Started with DevOps

Learn why DevOps practices are garnering more focus from companies interested in improving their AppDev processes, and how they are getting started.

Tom Moore | September 16, 2021

Is Technical Debt Keeping You Stuck in a World of Legacy Applications?

How containerization can help address technical debt and facilitate the migration of legacy IT into the cloud.

Tom Moore | September 14, 2021

Are You Getting All You Can Out of the Cloud? Think Again.

What is containerization and the benefits of it, and how can they be used to make legacy applications easier to move to the cloud?

Tom Moore | September 7, 2021

3 Azure Cloud Technologies for Modernizing Legacy Applications

Learn about 3 different Microsoft Azure cloud technologies to enact digital transformation within your own organization.

Tom Moore | August 31, 2021

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Should You Migrate to the Cloud?

There are several benefits of migrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Learn more.

Tom Moore | August 25, 2021

4 Microsoft Azure Services for Software Development and Modernization

Details about the Microsoft Azure cloud, including some of the most important Azure features and services for developing and modernizing applications.

Tom Moore | August 5, 2021

The Hybrid Cloud for Databases: Best of Both Worlds?

If you need to maintain a database on-premises due to regulations or preference, you can still take advantage of the cloud.

Tom Moore | July 29, 2021