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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a flexible cloud platform designed to support developers creating cloud-native applications and migrating enterprise-level workloads.

What Is OCI Oracle?

Oracle offers a broad range of services to help organizations run their enterprise applications in the cloud, along with integration with many Oracle solutions. The OCI platform focuses on mission-critical applications that need to be reliable, performant, secure, and scalable. It also places a special emphasis on hybrid cloud deployment, compared to other popular cloud platforms.

The Benefits of Oracle Cloud Hosting

Oracle Cloud Hosting is a robust platform that caters to enterprise applications, with features and benefits that help organizations migrate to the cloud easily, optimize their solutions for the cloud, and keep their applications running without interruption.

OCI Cloud Adoption Framework

Oracle goes beyond a comprehensive list of cloud services by developing a framework that delivers resources to support migrations, cloud development, and other important strategies.

  • Efficiency gain
  • Automation focus
  • Cost effective
  • Security centric

Automated Services for Better Management

Important tasks that cover your application performance, database security, and scalability have automation so you can focus on more hands-on duties.

Lower Your Oracle Infrastructure Costs

Get a more cost-efficient way to access Oracle’s range of solutions through OCI. If Oracle expenses have been holding you back from using their enterprise-grade software and services, you can start harnessing their potential through this platform.

Built-in Security

You do not have to pay an additional fee to get access to Oracle’s powerful security features. Keep your applications safe and your data secure.

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Foundation Optimized: Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure

A brief introduction of the latest features that OCI has to offer including Autonomous Data Warehouse, Scaling & Elasticity, Autonomous Transaction Processing, and more.

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