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Amazon ElastiCache Services

Fast Information Retrieval From Managed, In-Memory Data Stores

The success of your website and delivering a fast user experience is directly impacted by the speed at which you can deliver content.

Leveraging Amazon’s ElastiCache can deliver this successful and fast user experience for website users.

Amazon ElastiCache is a cloud cache service that increases the performance and speed of application retrieval by using an in-memory database caching system instead of relying on slower disk-based databases.

Amazon ElastiCache Benefits:

  • Automatic failover detection and recovery
  • Flexible Availability Zone placement of nodes and clusters
  • High performance
  • Cost effective caching solution
  • Integrates with other AWS Services
  • In-memory Key-Value NoSQL store

Improve the Performance of Your Application

Let Datavail help improve the performance of your application by using Amazon ElastiCache. In-memory caching can reduce and/or eliminate the data transfer step involving disk storage. This cluster architecture allows us to parallel the multiple data retrieval. Datavail Amazon ElastiCache experts can guide you through the design and strategy of your cache database, helping you decide between MemCached and Redis data cache engines.

Datavail AWS ElastiCache services include:

  • Creating a strategy for implementing cache to data
  • Upgrading and/or migrating existing database
  • Reducing application latency
  • Securing reliable management of your cloud environment
  • 24 x 7 monitoring and troubleshooting of your cloud environment

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As one of AWS’ leading partner for migrating database workloads to the cloud, Datavail has helped more than 100 clients over the past five years to migrate to AWS and we have done it successfully on numerous database platforms.

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