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Amazon ElastiCache Services

Provide an optimal user experience across your website by leveraging Datavail’s Amazon ElastiCache services.

What is Amazon ElastiCache?

So, what is ElastiCache in AWS? Amazon ElastiCache is a cloud cache service that increases the performance and speed of application retrieval by using an in-memory database caching system instead of relying on slower disk-based databases. This service works with Redis and Memcached and is designed to meet the demands of today’s modern applications, especially those that rely on real-time response times.

The success of your website hinges on offering a fast user experience, which is directly impacted by the speed that you deliver content. Leveraging Amazon’s ElastiCache makes it possible to meet your users’ high expectations.

The Benefits of Amazon ElastiCache

  • Automatic failover detection and recovery to keep your applications up and running
  • Flexible Availability Zone placement of nodes and clusters to get your applications close to your user locations
  • Fast performance through a highly optimized stack that’s designed for speed from top to bottom
  • Cost-effective caching solution to support your applications at scale
  • Easy integration with other AWS solutions, allowing you to expand your application’s capabilities
  • In-memory Key-Value NoSQL store
  • Sub-millisecond response times for high-performance use cases
  • Continual cluster monitoring to proactively resolve issues before they impact performance, ensuring that your users enjoy an uninterrupted experience
  • Write, memory, and read scaling to support your workloads at any scale
  • Caching of query results, full-page, and persistent sessions
  • Session management

Improve the Performance of Your Application with Datavail Amazon ElastiCache Services

Let Datavail help improve the performance of your application by using Amazon ElastiCache. This solution’s in-memory caching can reduce or eliminate the data transfer step involving disk storage. This cluster architecture supports retrieving data in parallel, which vastly increases its speed.

Our Amazon ElastiCache experts can guide you through the design and strategy of your cache database, helping you decide between MemCached and Redis data cache engines.

Datavail’s AWS ElastiCache services include:

  • Creating a strategy for implementing data caches
  • Recommending the best configurations to support your company’s use cases
  • Collaborating with your in-house IT team to expand their capabilities
  • Developing plans to serve your company’s short- and long-term database and application needs
  • Upgrading and/or migrating your existing databases to take advantage of ElastiCache’s high-performance functionality
  • Reducing application latency to deliver a stellar customer experience
  • Secure and reliable management of your cloud environment and applications
  • 24×7 monitoring and troubleshooting to keep your applications running smoothly
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