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Amazon EC2 Managed Services

Build applications in a secure environment with a strategy that reduces costs and CAPEX towards IT infrastructure. Let Datavail lead you through the implementation of an Amazon EC2 cloud service.

How Does Amazon EC2 Work?

Many organizations have embraced cloud solutions for their computing needs. Taking this approach reduces the total cost of ownership for IT infrastructure while allowing users to scale resources up and down to align with their capacity requirements.

When you use Amazon EC2, your organization only pays for the actual utilization of compute power, storage, and database services. By implementing Amazon EC2, your developers access valuable tools that make it easier to build and scale cloud applications in a secure environment.

Amazon EC2 Benefits

Amazon EC2 is a flexible and powerful cloud service that supports many use cases. Your organization can realize many benefits from implementing Amazon EC2, including:
  • Scale your cloud compute capacity within a few minutes through an intuitive interface.
  • Command anywhere from one server instance to thousands in the cloud.
  • Enjoy complete root access and control over your server instances.
  • Choose the operating systems, software packages, and instance types needed for your cloud compute use cases.
  • Get 99.95% availability for reliable cloud-based applications.
  • Leverage AWS’ extensive cloud security features to keep your workloads secure.
  • Use flexible Amazon EC2 pricing options and choose between on-demand, spot instances, per second billing, dedicate hosts, or savings plans to match your budget to your cloud compute requirements.
  • Choose the Amazon EC2 instance types that best match each workload, allowing you to improve resource allocation.

Scalable Cloud Capacity with Datavail’s Amazon EC2 Managed Services

Datavail’s Amazon EC2 cloud experts are ready to help your organization implement Amazon EC2 cloud service, guiding you through cloud migration, database support, and hybrid solutions that allow you to enjoy better performance and capacity while reducing your costs.

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Proven Delivery Model

Our certified Amazon EC2 team uses a proven delivery model, featuring our patented tech-enabled IP toolbox to deliver your solutions quicker, cheaper, more securely, and with less downtime. A U.S.-based primary AWS expert heads your cloud implementation to ensure you experience best-in-class services, which include:
  • Designing, building, testing, and deploying cloud services.
  • Creating a tailored and configurable solution for your organization’s specific cloud compute needs.
  • Securely and reliably managing your Amazon EC2 cloud environment.
  • Assessing your databases, migrating your data to the cloud, configuring hybrid cloud solutions, and supporting on-premises resources.
  • Keeping an eye on your Amazon EC2 deployment 24×7 with monitoring and troubleshooting services.

SQL Server Migration: A Tale of Two AWS Clouds

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Let Datavail Set You on the Right Cloud Path

With Amazon EC2 and Datavail services and applications, your organization can enjoy the most powerful and expansive cloud solution available.

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