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Cloud Migration Assessment Services

Establishing a Solid Foundation for a Successful Cloud Initiative.

TCO Analysis

Comparing on-premise vs. cloud is not easy when considering migration. Datavail’s extensive TCO Analysis weighs all on-premise vs. cloud management issues and delivers incremental improvements throughout the program.

Migration Roadmap & Strategy

For migrations to the cloud, our assessments always include a strategy pursuing the migration with minimal impact on the operating business.

Future State Architecture

Datavail provides the technical resources required to design, build, and integrate applications that effectively meet the needs of end users, management, and IT.

Rapid POC

Datavail delivers a POC quickly to support each client’s needs. Agility ensures our ability to adjust proactively based on client needs.

The cloud has the potential for revolutionizing your organization and leading it into the digital workplace.

Success utilizing cloud technology effectively requires careful planning as it may be more complicated than you anticipate. Also, there’s a possibility that some of your existing infrastructure should not move to the cloud. We will assess your organizational infrastructure, on-premise apps, existing servers and more, to create a strategy for migration and adoption.

Assessment Services Include:

  • Cloud advisory, migration assessment & adoption strategy
  • Application portfolio assessment (business process, compliance, technology, processes, etc.)
  • Business case and TCO analysis
  • Cloud-agnostic application assessment framework
  • Automated data discovery, along with dependency mapping
  • Identify business benefits and ROI
  • Aligning the cloud computing strategy with business strategy
  • Roadmap recommendations for the cloud, through focused business cases
  • Best practices, tools and frameworks, giving a detailed map of migration opportunities

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