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Web & Mobile UX

Creating visually compelling user experiences

Technology & Design Complement UX

Datavail doesn’t just provide exceptional advanced technology and business solutions; we also create visually compelling user experiences for both internal business use and external consumers of our solutions. These integrate excellent usability, information architecture and creative design with compelling technologies such as web content management, rich client interfaces, Flash, and stream media.

Our design methodology states that all of our aesthetic decisions are driven by a meticulous commitment to the business drivers and end-user goals of each engagement.

User-Centered Design Focus

We understand the fundamentals of pure graphic design: color theory and psychology, composition and layout, and typography. These skills along with input from our Information Architects are applied to projects during the design iteration stage, impacting most effectively when combined with the rigor of our mandatory process.

During the process, we review user requirements to ensure that both the interactive design and information architecture are right for the solution. We have the skills and expertise to execute the fine design treatments, and all creative decisions are informed and guided by a clear set of end-user and business objectives.

User-Centered Design Deliverables

Wireframes: Are the blueprints of the project, they guide all of our aesthetic decisions and are a meticulous commitment to the business drivers and end-user goals of the project.

Design Iterations: Using brand guidelines and client assets will determine the best way to present the solution visually working for the end user plus meet the project goals.

Style Guide: Once a design direction is chosen it is documented in a Style Guide, here we finalize the color palate and branding guidelines for the site so there is a reference for future changes.

Final Design: With the style guide in place the final designs are produced and handed off to our development team who turn them into a fully functional end project.

User Centered Design Advantages

  • Reduce development costs
  • Increase adoption & revenue
  • Increase user & job satisfaction
  • Attract & retain customers
  • Building brand awareness & trust

Let us show you how we can take your business from where it is today, to someplace extraordinary tomorrow.

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