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Why Our DBAs Stay with Datavail

Trust, Flexibility and a Strong Learning Environment

Trust, flexibility and a strong learning environment are just some of the characteristics that Datavail employees have come to embrace.

Show Transcript

Peter: I think what keeps us here is the work environment. When I look at the database work we do, right, we're there, we're like a support line. We're there to help, we're there to get them out of a jam, so it's very rewarding because when you're helping somebody that's having a problem, the appreciation comes back tenfold. I feel that once you get to bond with your customer, and you help them out of jams, you really get a good work experience with them. Richard: We have a culture that has been sort of nurtured along. As we grow, some parts of that culture changed but the core part of it is still that we team really, really well together. You have to team well together for this kind of a company to succeed, and that's, I think our strength. Amy: I would say that working for Datavail, there is no better way to learn as quickly. Chad: The best part of my job is that I get to see many, many different things. I get to have experienced different customers, different clients, different technologies, different platforms. Across all those platforms, I get to become a better DBA, I get to see different things. I can take, one experience came from customer A and take that experience to customer B and make both customers better and stronger. Sen: One of the things is, we get to learn a lot here in Datavail. We see a lot of things happening across our clients, so there's a lot of breadth in what we learn. The other thing is, we get to work with a team that is completely database-oriented and the expertise is all shared, so between all of us we know pretty much everything about databases. You get to interact on a day-to-day basis with people who are extremely skilled in your areas, plus you work with the team in India that is really dedicated and they also have a lot of expertise. It's very enjoyable in that way. Megan: I chose to work at Datavail because I like to be with other really smart people and work with a diverse group of customers. Every day, I'm talking to lots of different people at my different customer sites and I also have our whole team behind me if I have a question that I haven't faced before, or if it's something I have faced but I think there might be a better way to do it. I like to work with smart people. Amy: I think for our potential clients, the best thing about Datavail is you're not just hiring one DBA, you're hiring hundreds with various levels of experience, so we're going to find the best solution to a problem.

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