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Using OEM and Custom Templates for Alert Optimization

Improve Your Database's Performance


Watch this webinar to find out how OEM Grid configuration using Datavail’s Alert Optimizer™ and custom templates helps eliminate unwanted alerts while enriching actionable alerts, and improving the performance of the entire database system.

These five areas help organize the tuning approach and define the major concerns beyond the architecture, setup, and data model. It also addresses how performance tuning becomes less of a mystery if it can be measured, documented, affected, and improved.

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Below is a preview of the webinar transcript. Why do we use OEM? To monitor our Oracle databases, database servers, application server’s storage et cetera. The biggest reason is OEM is an Oracle developed product and what better tool to monitor an Oracle database or Oracle web logic middle tier server than an Oracle developed tool? Today IT organizations are coping with more and more complexity than ever before. We're facing issues ranging from growing data volumes to composite applications to virtualization and how to best utilize the cloud. Managing all these systems and services 24 by 7 is a giant challenge and a constant battle before IT. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides us an integrated console that gives IT departments business visibility and comprehensive IT management across the stack. In short, it integrates IT management with business applications and systems. This integration enables us to gain unobstructed views of business transaction and the business user experience. As a result, IT professionals can focus their efforts on where they will have the greatest positive impact to the business. OEM also allows for the detection of situations which might have a negative impact on overall system performance and allows these situations to be corrected before the impact cause the user community to be exposed to a system performance event. Fill out the form to the right to watch the webinar in its entirety. >>

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