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There’s No “Typical” Client With Datavail

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Datavail’s COO and EVP of Global Services Keenan Phelan believes that Datavail clients generally fall into one of three categories – as an extension of our client’s team for day to operations; an extension of the team and materially involved in strategy, or where the client completely relies on Datavail for both day-to-day operations and strategy. Each client’s engagement is unique.

Show Transcript

Keenan: Each client’s environment and business is certainly unique. I think the way that we operate with a particular customer is what makes it different. In many customers, I’d say in most of our customers, we are an extension of an existing database group. In some case, we’re fairly straight-jacketed into doing just the operations and sometimes just routine of our operations. With certain customers, we’re a much bigger part of their database group. We may be doing a lot of design work and consultative work. In another set of customers, we are the database administrator. We are the database group. I think it really falls into those three categories: one, we’re an extension of the team but fairly limited; we’re an extension of the team but we’re really materially involved in strategy and those type of decisions; and then there are others where our client completely relies on us. Interestingly, that really doesn’t align exactly with the size of customer. The size of customer, the smaller customers in many cases, we are an extension of their team, not entirely their team because they want to keep control over that key asset which is their data. There are other very large customers who essentially turn over the keys to the kingdom to us, to run everything within a particular area because they have a larger organization and they trust us to run and handle all of the operations within that. It doesn’t necessarily depend on size of customer. It’s type of engagement with those customers.

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